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Negative -Positive - to not so postive after all

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Well my emotions have been all over the place since last Friday. After a negative OTD and coming to terms with that, a couple of days later a felt really weak and light headed. I thought I would take a test, however I started properly bleeding on the test so thought that was a waste of time. Turns out it went positive. Couldn't believe it, so next day bought a load more and tested. Yes a positive. But I wouldn't stop bleeding bright red blood for 3 days. Hospital have had me in for two blood test to check my HCG Levels. My levels have increased but it hasn't double as they would expect. In for another blood test tomorrow. It's all very overwhelming, but we just know that is not looking good. I believe low and slow increase in HCG mean it's an abnormal pregnancy.

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Oh I am so sorry to read this. I hope it does work out positive over all. Big hugs xxx

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Eeek in reply to Camillage

Thanks i really hope by Monday my level have sky rocketed. It's just absolutely draining being left in limbo I can't focus on anything at all.

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Camillage in reply to Eeek

I really do understand having gone through similar earlier this year. I did a lot of research though and whilst it doesn't look great, there are a lot of positive outcomes out there from this kind of scenario. Big hugs xxx

So sorry you're in limbo, hope you can get some answers soon and that it's good news xx

No advice. Just want to say that I hope all turns out well for you xx

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