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So I got my AMH checked as I've been deciding whether to do a fresh or frozen cycle next. Last year I was tested twice but one of the results was lost, my level was 10. Anyway I spoke with the clinic and they found my previous results, originally it was 20, then dropped to 10 and now it's only 5, this is all in 7 months.

Has anyone had a sudden drop like this? We are having IVF ICSI due to male factor, didn't know I had any problems before now.

Think we have decided we will have to do a fresh cycle but I'm nervous on what we will collect now x

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  • Think it can drop pretty fast. Mine was 4.8 in 2014 when we got our pre ivf tests done. I only found out after the failed cycle it was only 1.6. I was so shocked!!

  • Really, I didn't think it dropped so quickly, I know nothing about it as I've never worried about it!

  • Me neither. I wasn't too happy to find out that they hadn't told me about this. It was only at my follow up that I found out. Felt like saying not much use telling me now !! Then he just said you'd need donor eggs. We re now at the start of adoption process. Good luck x

  • Thank you, I asked for the re test so I don't think I would have found out either! Good luck with adoption x

  • How did you get on then? Mine has dropped to 2.9 since pre IVF tests in 2014 too and am really worried?

  • What have your clinic said? I've been told not to worry if it's above 1?

  • I responded poorly to IVF (NHS) and they cancelled treatment, but considering private....

  • Worth a consult? I'm going private now, they have said they can do a scan to check no of follicles x

  • Hm mine was 5.5 in September and had a failed cycle in November. Had my follow up and no mention of re testing and I'm scared!!! Planning to do second cycle in April. Wonder should I be asking for a retest or would it just stress me out more! X

  • I wish I had known but that was our only cycle I would provably have wanted to at least try. If I'd known how low my amh was I probably would have been quite disheartened throughout the process xx

  • Yea maybe it's best I say nothing so I don't stress even more!!!! Just need to remain positive that it'll hopefully work xxx

  • Def remaining positive and happy is meant to help. How many cycles have you had? I feel in awe of people going through it time and time again. Xc

  • Just one so far back in November. Didn't even finish my 2ww as got my period on time!!!

    Have one more NHS cycle and so hope it works. I planning to start in school easter hols (I'm a teacher) and then take any time up to end of 2ww, if needed, as sick.

    I went back 4 days after ET last time as felt bad about work but now it's about me so doing what best for me x

  • Yeah I'm a teacher too did my cycle in the summer so much easier. But you do need to put yourself first. If we d gone through another cycle I was planning to just take time off but didn't go that way so it was the end of the road for us. Good luck with your cycle xx

  • Guessing they will re test before you start anyway? I don't know much about it but it's not supposed to drop that quickly!x

  • Hi no don't think so. Just told to call when AF starts in April and that's it! Hoping it's not gone down anyway x

  • We tested 4. 6 in June the failed cycle in October. We were told just to phone again for 2nd cycle and asked if they would test again and they told us no which I thought was strange given they base protocols on this. Last cycle I was so upset by amh level so this time I took dhea and we tested privately recently and my amh is now 9. 9!! Who knows why this has more than doubled but it makes me think you should always test twice as so many life changing decisions are made by one test.. I am now at the very least going into this cycle a bit more positive but who knows as the body works in mysterious ways xxx

  • Hi, I had a very similar drop. 18 months ago my level was 10 and now it's down to 4. Was really shocked when I found out. But my doctor said stay calm and don't focus on the number too much. It's just an indicator or how many eggs you have and how you will respond. As expected I didn't have many eggs for my ages (33) (just 5 collected and 2 went to blastocyst ) but am now 14 weeks pregnancy with one of them. You really only need one good egg!! Best of luck to you xx

  • I know I'm coming in late on this. Did they do an Antral follicle count? I had low AMH but reasonable follicle count. I responded well to treatment even with low AMH.

    My AMH seems to change all the time. It was a bit low but still responded fine to treatment. My egg quality was good after collection which was more important than quantity.

    I hope you got your answers by now anyway.

  • Thanks for replying, I'm having a scan next week so hoping it's better news!x

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