Aspirin in IVF?

so, I've started my first FET following failed fresh transfer last month. Started buserelin yesterday - really looking forward to the headaches and bloating again! Not! ☹ have been reading up on what I could do to improve my chances this time round... I've asked my clinic about embryo glue, which they do (extra cost) so will go for that. Not keen on scratch as infection risk involved and I had an infection which needed antibiotics on my fresh transfer - still don't know if this was detrimental. I have read that aspirin can help in all areas of IVF, particularly in implantation and preventing early miscarriage. I will ask my clinic what they think but wondering if anyone has had any experience - good or bad to share? Thanks.

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  • I'm not sure about aspirin by I've just had my BFP from my FET after my fresh ICSI cycle failed and my clinic put me on blood thinning injections and steroids, this will now continue up until I'm 12 weeks. Worth asking about them maybe? X

  • congratulations on your BFP! Did your clinic say why they put you on blood thinners/steroids? Did it implant or miscarry? I know they use them more I recurrent miscarriages... I get lots of clots in my period (sorry TMI!) so wondered if it would help. Will ask my clinic in 2 weeks at my down reg scan. X

  • Thank you, still feels very surreal!

    Failed to implant. The steroids are to lower my immune system as sometimes your immune system can fight the embryo and the blood thinners are to stop any blood vessels in the womb fighting the embryo. Just extra things to try help with implantation really and it's worked for me so worth asking about? X

  • Hi, aspirin and heparin are both used as blood thinners in pregnancy when you have recurrent miscarriage and get a diagnosis of a blood clotting disorder. I am on both for that reason but started them from bfp and not before. My problem wasn't implantation, it was carrying past 8 weeks and once you have 2-3 losses you can be referred to a pregnancy loss clinic for a diagnosis. This time along with the IVF it has worked for me, I'm quite close to full term now.

    If you read about this in the Daily Mail, they do tend to leave out some of the crucial information, they focus on the miracle of aspirin but rarely mention exactly why it helps, who it helps and the fact that heparin is also usually used in conjunction with it. You need to talk to your consultant about it - the aspirin dose is low at 75mg, it's not the regular aspirin and you may need the heparin too, they each work in different ways. At the same time, my attitude is you've nothing to lose by trying everything you can but do it under medical guidance.

  • thank you both, very useful information and I will discuss it with my consultant. I'm a haematology nurse so I regularly see anticoagulants and steroids but their use is somewhat different in fertility treatment so feeling a bit out my depth! I'm wondering with no miscarriages and only 1 failed transfer whether they will advise it but worth an ask! Are there any adverse effects as far as you are aware? X

  • If you're paying for your treatment, don't let them charge you for the dispersible aspirin. You can buy packs of 100 very cheaply from any pharmacy x

  • Hi, I'm hoping for an answer to this too, my fet has been scheduled after first failed icsi, wonder if they would prescribe it without testing us first? X

  • I'll let you know what my clinic says! Although, theoretically they cant stop you taking aspirin as you can buy it over the counter...

  • I have been taken aspirin for the last 2 years 4 fails all private funded and 1 BFP currently 13.5 w this taken along with clexane injections

  • hi tamtam... Why did your clinic recommend it? Were they failed implants or miscarried? Congratulations on your BFP! X

  • I had to take aspirin in round 3 as well as Viagra to improve blood supply to try to improve womb lining. Despite 2 mcs 1st clinic didn't prescribe aspirin but I did have steroids for rounds 1 & 2, although not for round 3 as at a different clinic. It seems to depend on your consultants view on these. Bit confusing when different consultants say different things!

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