Hot water bottle not recommended for follies and eggs

Hi all,

As there's been some discussion on the forum about whether you should use a hot water bottle to help with follies and eggs (including a question from me!), I thought I'd better update in case it's helpful.

I asked the nurse about it at my tracking scan this morning and she said that they actually don't advise use a hot water bottle at that stage as you want the eggs to be at your normal body temperature, a hot water bottle should only be applied to the back if needed and wrapped in a towel.

I'm sure that people say different things but thought I'd better post in case it's helpful to someone!

On a mini update from me, I'm on day 6 of Gonal F (fsh stim) and day 2 of cetrotide (gnrh antagonist) and follies look to be doing well. EC should be on Friday or Monday all being well which is slightly sooner than expected. Woop!

Love and best wishes to you all x

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  • Hi Busybee!! Thanks for sharing this info! My clinic have said a hot water bottle is fine up to ET so who the heck knows?! So much conflicting information, makes it difficult for us to make good choices doesn't it!

    Great news that things are progressing well for you, not long to go now! x x x

  • Haha I had a feeling that would be the case, shows there's only so much they and we can know really!

    Thank you for the kind words, how are you getting on? xXx

  • All good thank you! Three jabs down... a bajillion to go!! hahaha x x x

  • Hi Busybee88. I agree with your nurse. Everything should be natural body temperature. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, that's good to know.

  • Can I use a wheat wrap b4 my first follicle count scan Diane or is it not recommended at all? I was hoping to give my follies a bit of encouragement-I'm not due on til tomoro.i thought to put it across my abdomen but I guess the back is better?

  • Hi 72cloud9. If you feel you need to use any warmth at all, then do stick to using it on your back, only for short times. Nothing on the abdomen/pelvic area as you need your body to be at its normal temperature. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank u x

  • Hi Diane,

    I hope you don't mind me asking another quick question. At my tracking scan this morning, the nurse mentioned that some fluid was showing on the scan but she didn't say anything more about it, though mentioned that they may want me to do a blood test on Friday to see if I'm at risk of OHSS - how much do you think I need to worry? I'm under 30 with a healthy BMI and have 27 follicles growing. Any guidance very much appreciated! Thank you.

  • Hi Busybee88. You have developed quite a number of follicles, so there may be a possibility that one or two have "popped". Make sure you drink plenty of water to be on the safe side. Hopefully all will still go ahead with the egg collection on Friday, so fingers crossed! Should you hyperstimulate, then embryo transfer could be delayed until all settles down again. If this happens any developed embryos will be safely stored frozen. Meanwhile just rest when you can and easy for me to say, try not to worry, they will look after you. Of course none of this may happen, and the rest of the cycle will go as planned. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane. (Particularly at this time in the evening!)

    Friday's just a scan with EC booked for Monday but as you say, fingers crossed it's all fine. Thank you for the tip about water and I'll *try* to rest!

  • HiBusybee88. Hope all goes/has gone well with your scan today. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, it's very considerate of you to remember. I'll give an update after :)

  • Hi Busybee88. That would be great - thanks! Diane

  • Hi Diane,

    I've put an update on my other post but I just wanted to let you know that they think ohss is likely. They've done a blood test and will hear this afternoon whether we'll need to freeze all or can proceed to ET.

    Thank you for your support and advice.

  • Hi Busybee88. Oh dear! I think you could tell from one of my previous posts, that I did wonder. However, unfortunately this does happen more than you know, and we have many successes with FET. Your embryos will be quite safe, stored frozen, so that you can be fully well in order for transfer - probably on a natural cycle. Obviously, this will be a huge disappointment for you both, but trust your embryologist, who will give you your best advice. Thinking of you, and don't forget to drink loads! Diane

  • Thank you Diane. We are a bit disappointed but as you say, we were aware that I was fairly high risk and some of the signs were showing. I'm going to start planning a ski holiday to make up for it!

  • Hi Busybee88. Brilliant, best thing to do! Enjoy your holiday, and remember to remain upright!! Diane

  • I actually just asked this question on someone else's post! Bought a wheat wrap yesterday as I thought maybe not as hot as a hot water bottle but now I'm worried to use it.ive not come on yet, I reckon my day 3 scan will be end of this week -had poor follies last scan so was hoping to encourage them

  • I'm still using it on my back as it's comforting when cramping (and when it's so cold outside!) and they said that was fine. I think it's more for the eggs that they said not to overheat them but Diane will be able to give better advice :) x

  • I've talked about this with numerous health professionals and other women (including the medical director from my private clinic). Heat (e.g. hot water bottle, wheat wrap) has been recommended to help your follicles grow BEFORE your trigger shot (also protein, full-fat milk, fluids and gentle exercise like walking to increase the blood flow to your ovaries). It certainly helped mine to double in 48h after they stopped growing 😊😊 It's not supposed to be burning heat but nice and comfy on your ovaries, best not directly on the skin but through some clothing. After your transfer, heat is NOT recommended. Your egg(s) are supposed to be within your normal body temperature. They should check at the clinic (blood test) that your hormone levels are good enough to create an ideal environment for your egg(s) to hatch and grow to BFP 😊 For this, they give you something like Utrogestan (vaginal) and additional medication if needed. The two stages before and after the trigger injection should not be confused. This is what I've always been told, and nobody has ever said anything to the contrary.. my two a penny for what it's worth, ultimately every woman makes their own choice and getting pregnant is not exact science. Good luck to you all! xoxo

  • So from reading all of the comments above we're no further forward hahaha I'll just do as my nurses tell me, then I can't blame myself! :) x x x

  • I was told this too so I didn't risk it. They told me no hot water bottle on my stomach at all as they didn't want the uterus to "overheat"

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