Is it unwise to use a (warm) hot water bottle during the 2WW?

Hey ladies..I had my transfer on Saturday and have been having cramping since which I know is normal. I just wondered if I could use a hot water bottle with just warm water in it to provide some comfort, not hot or boiling obviously. Has anyone been advised on this & if it's safe or not? It's too late to call my clinic today! I'm pretty chilled otherwise 😂 (considering its officially crazy fortnight!)!

Thanks 😘 Xx

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  • Hey Hun I was advised not to use a hot water bottle ! Best of luck xx

  • Hi Georgina I'd say no - my clinic told me very specifically to keep heat sources away from my tummy area during the 2WW - including not standing by a hot stove. You'd be better off with a paracetamol I think. Hope it eases a bit xx

  • Hey Georgina, I would agree with the previous guys too.. the wife was advised too, she so got thick warm socks from m&s and it did that helped.

  • I'd say no to hot water bottle or hot baths..

    Keep your feet warm x

  • Wrap up in a nice thick, warm top & snuggles under a blanket, that's what I did ☺ xx

  • Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated! I'll keep my hwb in the cupboard and hope I won't need it for my endometriosis flare ups for at least nine months! 🙏🏻 Xxx

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