Diagnosis for endometriosis

I just would like to ask if anyone knows the process for getting a diagnosis of endometriosis. I have been to gp and have an appointment to gynaecologist this week but I'm unsure if it'll be an endometriosis refferal I need, as lots of gynaecologists do not specialise into it.

I know lots of doctors then advice to take the pill but what are yoi meant to do if trying for a baby? Does that then go to surgery? If so how long is the wait at the moment?

I basically would like a laproscopy to know 100% if I have endometriosis or not as I have so many symptoms. I've been fobbed off so many times now by gp and don't want to be fobbed off again by gynaecologists.

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  • Hey hunny, when I was diagnosed I was a scan which showed I had cyst and then I was referred to a gynecologist and they wanted to operate. Iv had two operations now and had a failed ivf. It's a touch journey and don't wish it upon anyone. Good luck for your appointment xx

  • Thank you. It's just rubbish isn't it. I have so many symptoms now and have done for years but only now realising it could be linked to endometriosis. I've been diagnosed with ibs, pulling a muscle in my back, sciatia etc.. . The list goes on. It's awful really as I've had 3 failed ivfs and 1 ecoptic pregnancy (suspected ectopic and treated as such). I just now eant to know if I have it. Fingers crossed I get told I can have a laproscopy xx

  • Hi Soapsuds86. I would have thought that you will have to either have a laparoscopy or a hysteroscopy to definitely diagnose the condition. Once confirmed a plan for treatment will be given you. If you do have the condition and you do have a laparoscopy, they will hopefully be able to laser most of it away. It's all a nightmare for you, but I'm sure they will come up with the correct diagnosis for you and treatment. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hopefully I will be offered a laproscopy to diagnose 100%. I have a diary of symptoms to take with me and also a 4 year list of length of cycles πŸ˜‚ Just don't want to be one of those women where it takes 8 years to diagnose. Fingers crossed it's good news Thurs xx

  • Hi Soapsuds86. Just wanted to wish you well for tomorrow. If you are recommended to have IVF at any stage, then I do have a list of questions I could send to you to have a look through beforehand. Unfortunately it is too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence to support@fertilitynetworkuk.org I will send it to you. Diane

  • Thank you. I have had 4 attempts at IVF now which has resulted in 1 miscarriage.

    I have been examined and have to have an ultrasound scan which they don't think will show anything anyway but I have been offered a laproscopy. So just now waiting for the ball to start rolling with that to get a referral etc... She said it would be about 6 months so not too bad.

  • Hi Soapsuds86. Thanks for the update. Do keep in touch with them and say you will accept a cancellation in order to speed up thinks, if one becomes available. Thinking of you. Diane

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