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wait for referral for ivf


Hi Ladies

I just wanted to know if anybody else going through similar procedure as me:

January 2014, i went to gp as we had been TTC for one year, they fobbed me off, especially when i told them i match the symptoms of endometriosis. since then i have been diagnosed with severe endometriosis and had a laparotomy in May.

i went back last week and they said i would only be considered for ivf in Jan 2015, even though i have no other explanation for infertility. once referred for ivf i will have to wait appx 6-9 months before treatment. Thats nearly 3 years for ivf!!!

Is that the same for many of you?

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hi faith. hope your ok. unfortunately that's correct. we waited two years before going to doctors. and then we had 6 months of tests. but a little bit of hope for you. my friend has really bad endemetrosis, was told she would never have children. so could not have Ivf. but she now has a darling little boy and naturally. plus Christmas is not far of. it will be January before you know it. lots of love. xx

Faith_87 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your response, i hope you are right.xx

We waited 3years but they do tests and stuff my infertility is unexplained xx gd luck on your journey it will come round fast xx

Thank you- did it all work out for you?

I was diagnosed with endo in Dec 2013 (bladder and uterus stuck together, 90% of right ovary covered and stuck to my appendix plus some bits elsewhere). The gynaecologist who did my op was also head of the fertility clinic. He emphasised the need to get pregnant soon as the endo will spread and said that if I wasn’t pregnant by June 2014 to get a fertility referral. He also asked my husband to do two sperm samples in the meantime. July 2014 we had our first appointment at the clinic, more scans and bloods, now waiting for our next appointment in October when I’ve been told we will discuss our plan. Still unsure what will happen next. My husbands test both came back with a very low sperm morphology which is another contributing factor for us. Has your husband been tested?

It does feel like it all takes a very long time. I think wait times depend on your clinic.

Good luck, it could still happen naturally before you get to IVF x


It feels like a long wait between appts. my husband has been tested and all is ok, is it a matter of changing your husband's diet that could affect his sperm quality etc?

For now i am taking conception tablets and trying to eat healthy and hoping i will get pregnant naturally. i hope it works out for u real soon,good luck.xx

InGodsHands in reply to Faith_87

I've been referred for ivf and only been told I have endo and a cyst and that's the only reason they can think I've not conceived yet.

But doctor said there is a four month waiting list, this is at the queen Elizabeth in Birmingham. I was told this September and heard nothing as of yet, but I'm currently waiting for a hysterectomy at the end of this month so don't know if their waiting to find out the results from that first x

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