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BFN and Endometriosis - so much pain!

I have severe endometriosis which is on my left ovary and through my bowel. I was on Zoladex for 15 months prior to starting our cycle at the end of October, which calmed everything down and I didn’t have periods in that time (it was like a holiday from the pain and allowed me to have a normal life for a while).

Following our BFN at the weekend, I started bleeding on Monday and for the last 3 days it has been incredibly painful when my bowel starts filling up. Last night I was on the floor in agony and couldn’t even speak to my partner (who has been amazing through all this), and today I have had to come home from work as I am in agony.

I’m wondering if it’s a kind of ‘swing back’ effect from coming off the Zoladex or if it is just to do with the endometrium being so stimulated through the process.

I rang the clinic and I’m not having my follow up appointment for 4 weeks, but I’m getting desperate for some help and some answers. My GP is absolutely useless and diagnosed my endometriosis as constipation originally.

Has anyone else gone through IVF with endometriosis, and how did you cope with it?!

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hi there, Firstly, I am sorry for your BFN. Secondly, with regards to your endo pain are you taking anything for it? I have severe endo through to the bowels too, and like you, have the most excruciating pain throughout the month. Sometimes no pain killer works but I usually take ibuprofen and paracetemol together which sometimes helps. I have just gone through my first IVF/ICSI cycle and will be having FET in a few months but the endo did flare up badly during the stimming and the pain after EC was horendous. Other things I do to help with the pain are drinking hot water, hot water bottles, heat patches and caster oil patches. Is this your first IVF cycle with nhs?x


It's our first cycle, but we are privately funded because I am 40. I didn't have too much pain during stimming or EC luckily, but this week has been awful.

Like you, I find that most of the time no painkiller will touch it, but I am taking paracetemol & ibuprofen, drinking plenty and keeping warm.

Are you having natural FET? We have 3 frozen embryos so I am presuming that FET of some kind is our next step - it's really frustrating having to wait 4 weeks to find out though!


I think keeping warm is key, the hot water bottle really helps I have found too. I think possibly your endo may have flared up after the transfer from the bleeding, hopefully it will subside very soon. I totally get where you are coming from though, I have to take 2-3 days off a month from work due to the severity of the pain each month. I couldnt have natural FET as I am going to be treated for 3 months to help the endo and will be transferring 2 frozen in march. I have 13 embryos in the freezer so all of my transfers will have to be frozen. Have you tried asking dr for an earlier appointment or cancellation? did you ask about the grading of your embryos in the end? maybe start writing a list of questions to ask them so you are clear with your next steps


So sorry to hear of your bad news xx


So sorry about your loss my dear, wishing you speedy recovery


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