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Endometriosis, trouble conceiving & Acupuncture

I would like to share my experiences as I was lucky to come across lots of advice which really helped me with my endometriosis and my trouble to conceive.

A bit of background. I have had 3 laparoscopies for my endometriosis which really did not do anything bit worsen the pain followed by an excision surgery which was amazing and pretty much stopped all my pain from endometriosis.

I did not want to leave it too long after my excision surgery to try for a baby so myself and my partner tried straight away with no luck.

I had 4 chemical pregnancies and I just felt that due to the endometriosis my body was not strong enough for me to conceive.

I came across a lot of articles and found that a thin uterine lining can have an effect on sustaining a healthy pregnancy: there are lots of ways to naturally improve your lining but a few things I did was drink lots of raspberry red leaf tea & started acupuncture



Acupuncture was by far the best thing I ever did. Myself and my partner were already looking into IVF options and I had read numerous stories of people who had acupuncture in there mission to conceive.

At my first appointment he could tell just by listening to my pulse that I had blood deficiency (which affects uterine lining) blood flow etc down to the endometriosis! basically blood was not flowing naturally around my stomach and he said the state my stomach was in at the moment he was not surprised that I had not been able to conceive yet.

Basically I had acupuncture for 3 months and he worked on strengthening my stomach/ blood and uterine lining and lots of other things which has generally given more more energy and I have never felt as good.

I am now nearly 4 months pregnant and feel great. I had really given up all hope and I think acupuncture was the best thing and I truly believe it is the only reason I actually got pregnant as it really sorted my body out.

Things I did to increase my uterine lining and improve my blood flow

1. Drank pomegranate juice daily

2. Drank about 5 cups of raspberry red leaf tea for the 3 months before I got pregnant

3.Applied a hot water bottle every night to my stomach to help increase my blood flow


I hope this might give people a bit of hope and a few ideas to try as I came across an article like this and thought well why not I have tried everything else and it really worked for me.

Best of luck to everyone xxxxx

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Can I just say many thanks for sharing and many many congratulations. I hope that you will keep the forum updated as your pregnancy progresses.

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Thank you very much :) I really just wanted to share things that I found out over my research and things that in the end actually worked for me :) I hope that it may help others in the future and also give some hope :) I had given up all hope and acupuncture and the other things I did could not have worked any better for me :)



Hi Kay84. Just wanted to wish you well with your ongoing pregnancy and birth. Diane

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thank you very much that is very kind :) xxxx


Thank you so much for sharing, I have severe endo and have had two laparoscopies so far, the first to remove my tube and dense adhesions, the second to excise the endo which like you had made a massive difference to my pain! We have just completed our first round of IVF which sadly ended in a MC at about 6 weeks, so we will be doing FET next once things have settled down again. Best wishes for your pregnancy xx

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Really sorry to hear about your MC and struggle with endometriosis. I would really recommend having acupuncture as well as the IVF & FET as I often talk to my acupuncturist about the types of people he treats and helps and he has worked with many who are doing IVF etc and it really helps get your body ready. I really was about to give up and it was the best thing I could have done.

I have read many stories too of women struggling to get pregnant and going through IVF etc and having acupuncture aswell and it helping them get pregnant.

One thing he did say to me was that my lining and my blood was not strong enough to hold a pregnancy at the start which is why I had numerous chemical pregnancies. He worked each week building up on this and for 3 months I went every week. Now I go every 2 weeks. Its expensive but soo worth it if you can afford to go.

I guess we try so many things, I certainly did I am just still so shocked at the effect it had on me!!! :)

I wish you all the luck and fingers crossed for you for your treatments :)



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