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should be starting today

Me and my partner went home last week to meet with a consultant to start another cycle of ICSI since our last frozen embryo failed we decided to give it another go.

we are currently living in France for the winter the clinic gave us dates to start and i should be starting buserelin today but my partner now saying it dosent fit in with work cos we run a transfer business in thr alps also we have his other son for a week during half term the week im due for the egg collection. I said about starting later but he saying if it works then he dosent want me to be pregnant during a season so I dont know how its going to work I just feel so confused all he says is things change all the time and some things dont fit but he agreed to it all in the clinic on thurs so Im just sat here thinking what to do

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Hi Rosie,

It's difficult isn't it. But maybe your partner has had time to think things over. And can see that you are both very busy with other commitments at the mo, and would like to fully support you.

Would it be easier for you to start treatment nearer the end of season?

It's such a stressful process going through ivf that you don't want to add to it.

The decision is yours and you should go with your gut feeling,

All the best



Sorry to hear this Rosie. Only you know your partner and the way to speak to him, but is it worth asking him whether those are the only reasons for him wanting to delay or is he feeling a bit overwhelmed and making excuses? Not that they're not valid, but they may not be the full story x


Oh Rosie what a difficult situation to be in :(

I think that there's never going to be a right time to start treatment. How long does he want to wait? We pushed ours back by a month so we weren't mid-cycle over Christmas but we knew that we wanted to start as soon as possible otherwise. Could you try to talk to him further, what do you want to do?

It's so hard, I hope you can reach some agreement before it's too late to take your jab. Sending love x x x


We had a chat yesterday and decided to go ahead with it I said exactly the same that whenever we start its gonna be awkward timing but we just have to work round it with everything if its what we have to do.

as we are working and living over france I will be flying back for scans ( the doctor did say we could have the scans here but there isnt anywhere local and the nearest place is 3-4 hours away.

Ive got my first scan on the 6th feb then the 14th and 17th and my egg collection will be week commencing 20th feb will they tell me what day that will be on the last scan day?

Im struggling a bit with the injections this time as ive done it before it never gets any easier

we was told by the doctor that cos we have had a failed cycle that we can choose to have the 2 transferred depending on how many and quality but as always there are risks but we will make that decision when we cross that path

anyone else started treatment recently? I am on the long protocol xx


Hi Ro5ie. Look you have now started this cycle, so I would really continue with it if you can. Different parts of the cycle can be shorter or longer depending upon how you react to each process. If you are determined enough you will somehow work your way round it all. I do wish you well and of course for success. thinking of you. Diane


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