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Next step IUI after IVF


Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve been on after third failed cycle in the summer. Congratulations to those who have had their long awaited BFPs and hugs to those still waiting.

We finally had our follow up meeting today after failed 3rd cycle in August - I think we’d been forgotten about but could only finally face chasing it up before Xmas. We really like our consultant so was glad we managed to get appt with him (it’s was nhs cycle so not guaranteed).

We had lowest dose cycle, best egg retrieval rate (I have low amh) and also best fertilisation rate. Quality as ever was a problem. Two four cells transferred on day 3 and the remaining 3 degraded.

He doesnt think it all stacks up for me given my stats. After three cycles the only thing he’s prepared to say is that IVF isn’t the answer for me. I suggested IUI as a possible option so that eggs aren’t out under as much stress as they would with IVF if quality isn’t great. That was what he was going to suggest - with v mild stims.

He says that difficult to say whether egg or sperm is the issue so 🤷‍♀️ we aren’t at stage of discussing donor yet but with that comment, not sure we’d feel confident going down that route either.

We are going to go with the IUI and have pre appointment next month so will be cycle after that we’ll have a go 😬 nothing to lose!

I posted a couple of months about IUI but if anyone has any success stories, I’d love to hear them (our any other miracle cures 😂) xxx

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Hi Ash. Lovely to hear from you. From what I gather your specialist seems to be keen on trying IUI, which is good. I'm sure he will do his best for you. All I can say from experience, is that I have had about 25-30% success rate with IUI using mild stims, so fingers crossed this is the way now for you to go. I shall be thinking of you and keeping everything crossed. Diane

Ash2016 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks very much Diane. Definitely a last throw of the dice for us but I guess it’s worth a try. Will let you know how we get on x

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Ash2016

Please do. Diane xx

Aw hun you sound like you’ve really been through it. I can’t offer any advice on IUI but want to wish you all the best with which ever route you take 😘

All the best with iui..lm sure your specialist wouldn't be doing this if he didn't think you had a good chance. 🤩

Ash2016 in reply to Elynn

Thanks lovely 🤞

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