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So i have just finished a 5 day course of Provera and waiting on AF to start my 1 off injection of prostap. im quite scared as the needle looks pretty big anyone else had prostap injecton how was it did it hurt and how long after the injection did you have your FET. im excited but scared at the same time as i didnt have a fresh transfer due to high risk of OHSS?

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Hi Tigerlily01. Just hoping that your Prostap injection wasn't too horrific! It can be a while until you get a bleed, so try not to worry if it is, as it is all to try and prevent OHSS happening again. Thinking of you. Diane


Hi Diane, the injection wasnt too bad a little sting but was over with in no time i was brave lol. I have started a bleed this morning and rang the clinc to book my next scan to check all is going well. :D thank you for the reasurance, x


Hi Tigerlily01. Brilliant! Well done and huge luck with it all. Diane

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