3 months prostap injection before FET

Hi everyone, has anyone had 3 months prostap injection to reduce endometriosis before FET? I had the injection on 9th June and I'm booked in for a scan on 1st September but I'm confused about what will happen next. The clinic said I'll be starting treatment for the FET in September after the scan but I'm not sure how this will work because won't the prostap stop my cycles? I thought with FET you only have to down regulate but won't the prostap have already done that? Sorry for all the questions! x

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  • Thank you for your reply

  • Hi Jen364. Some clinics do use prostap as a down regulation drug with patients who suffer with endometriosis. So, as well as shrinking the endometriosis, it is also down regulate you before you go for your FET. Your injection works slowly (SR means slow release) during this time, and tricks your body into thinking it is in a form of menopause, unfortunately, along with some of the symptoms of hot flushes and headaches etc. This will all pass once it finishes and hopefully, if all is well with the scan, they then carry on with the rest of the FET cycle. Hope all works out OK. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. So does that mean after the scan I shouldn't have to inject for too long because my system will have already been down regulated for 3 months?

  • Hi. Yes, you probably will only need mild stimulation, but remember all clinics have their own protocol as to how to proceed, so you will need to ask them. Diane

  • Thank you Diane

  • Hi Jen364, my clinic does the same. I just had my prostap injection yesterday, I am only taking one month to start with because I was already on prostap at the beginning of the year. Have my scan already booked for August and if all looks well I will go straight into stimulation. Apparently it is their standard protocol for ladies with endo. Best of luck! X

  • Thank you Shehulk. Wishing you lots of luck x

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