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New to forum. FET starting soon

Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forum. I've decided to join as I'll be going through a FET soon and just looking for some support and advice 😊

My first IVF resulted in a chemical pregnancy and prior to this I've also had another loss back in 2015. I'm praying 2017 will be our year as I'm sure many others are too.

Does anyone have any advice for a FET? Is there anything I can or should do to prepare my body? I'm taking daily parental vitamins and also daily vitamin c. Is there anything else I could take?

I have a reasonably healthy diet. I do eat the odd takeaway but overall it's not bad. With the first IVF I cut out junk food, alcohol and caffeine for about 2-3 months prior to treatment.

I can't seem to get excited about treatment. I just feel so negative as if I already know it won't work and I don't want to go through treatment feeling this way 😥 really hoping I can get some positivity back!

Thanks for reading xxx

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Hi Hopeful4baby2017,

I'm also starting FET treatment at the end of the month, and totally understand how your feeling. This is our first FET our first round of IVF resulted in a BFN last May.

People on here a lovely and very supportive so I'm sure you will get some good advise from people who have been through the process (unfortunately I'm in the dark as much as you!!) But what I have been told is to drink plenty of water, and the FET isn't as harsh on our bodies, which was welcome news to me.

Here if you want to chat, sending baby dust your way



Hi Smithha,

Thank you for your reply. I have actually read that the FET is a lot less harsh on your body which is great.

Wishing you lots of luck with your treatment. Do you know much about the process you'll go through for your FET?



I have my implication appointment Tuesday and will be given my treatment plan, so will know more then.

Good luck with your treatment, keep us updated.


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Thank you. Good luck you you also. I'll keep a look out for any updates 😊 xxx

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Hi H,

Don't really have any advice as you seem to be doing the right thing; eating healthy and etc. Just want to say that FETs are very successful, I myself have a little one resulting from a FET, whereas I was unsuccessful with a fresh transfer. So try and be positive; I know it's hard I have been there myself.

Wishing you a BFP



Thank you so much 😊 xxxx

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