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Zolodex and Livia

Hi, I have just started having zolodex injections to calm my severe endo in prep for surgery, after about 10 days I started having really bad hot flushes worse at night waking me every hour, but it did seem to stop the pain completely, I've just had my second injection and been given Livia to help with the hot flushes. I've taken for 3 days now and I seem to be getting mild pains again, I'm worried that the estrogen in the Livia is gonna flare up the endo again. Has anyone else had any problems with this ?? X

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Hi Missyclairej. Zolodex is well known for the hot flushes, so adding the Livia can only be good. I'm sure the doses of the two drugs will have been worked out correctly for you, so try not to worry about any effect on your oestrogen levels. Hope all works out well for you. Diane


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