Progynova tablets

Has anyone had any side effects from these tablets?

At first I had hot flushes and cramps but the cramps did ease off so possibly that was just AF punishing me a little longer lol.

Hot flushes have continued on and off and the last 2 mornings I've been feeling quite dizzy and light headed? I am chocked with the cold πŸ˜₯ however I don't usually feel dizzy or light headed with a cold.

Thanks x

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  • I had terrible dizziness and confusion, I was walking into things and falling over all the time. I assumed it was the injections but when I called the clinic I was told it was common with progynova. I was taking 3 tablets a day and couldn't cope. They told me to reduce it to 1 or 2 a day and I felt fine and the cycle worked still so I don't think taking a lower dose hurt in any way.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's been affected by these. I'd read so many people saying they'd had no side effects thought it might just be me lol xxx

  • And congratulations on the positive outcome with your cycle. Hope I'll be the same xxx

  • Hi Amanda86. Oh dear! Anything that messes with hormones and the pituitary gland can give off all those side effects. It won't help having a heavy cold either. Hope it all soon settles down, but do try and drink plenty of water to prevent any dehydration, as a runny nose can add to that too. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane, making sure I'm staying hydrated. Hopefully my cold will pass soon and that might help the symptoms ease off even just a little 😊 xxx

  • hi amanda - been having cramps, night sweats & a have a seriously dry mouth during the night, no matter how much i drink.

    have given up trying to figure out what medication is causing what side effect. my body is no longer my own! πŸ™ƒ

    sending you lots of positive vibes ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • Thank you πŸ˜€ xxx

  • Hello! I'm on day 5 of progynova and have had hot flushes on and off, and Monday evening I definitely felt loopy!! Hope the cold clears up for you, ginger and lemon tea is always good! Xx

  • Thank you. I actually drank ginger tea last time and quite enjoyed it so might buy some again 😊 good luck with your cycle xxx

  • Hi Amanda , when I started taking my progynova my face came out in a blotchy rash and my skin all over got quite itchy!

    I also got v sleepy but little more used to them now. Nurse in clinic said that your body will react to all these hormones pumped into you in diff ways! Hope r symptoms pass soon and your cold clears up ASAP xxx

  • Thanks so much! I'm a nutter with mood swings - they usually get bad when I ovulate and these mood swings are just like that πŸ˜‚ my poor partner doesn't know whether he's coming or going! Lol.


  • Come to think of it I did loose the plot with my DH on Saturday because he didn't help sellotape a parcel! Oh me the joys of this process!! X

  • Hope u feel better soon xxx

  • Hi Amanda! We're doing our cycles the same time again! I'm on progynova and the first few days I got really bad head aches and I was hurrendous with my mood swings, my partner would just have to look at me and I would scream at him haha! All good now though I'm on day 17, had my scan yesterday and I'm ready for transfer which will be next Friday, hope your keeping well xxxxx

  • Hey Katie, good to hear from you. I'm a little behind. My scan is the 20th will transfer looking to be Monday 27th if all is well. How you feeling?

    Ahh so it's not just me lol!! Well I'm feeling a little better today so that's a bonus. Felt a little sick earlier but it passed. Xxx

  • It'll be here before you know it,

    I'm doing really well! The frozen cycle has been so much easier than the fresh, I feel excited rather than scared this time!

    How you feeling? Xxxxx

  • Yeah it's definitely a lot easier. I'm on day 12 of the progynova now, still getting the odd symptom but it's not as bad 😊

    My feelings are mixed. I'm excited but also scared too. I guess I just keep thinking about previous outcomes but I need to remind myself that this is a new journey 😊

    I think once transfer is done I'll feel more excited xxx

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