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Side effects or illness...?

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So, I'm generally a healthy girl and hand on heart haven't been ill (other than the endo) in about 18 months at least... started my buserelin injections on Monday and by Tuesday afternoon I had a sore throat which I didn't think much of as I'd been delivering training for two days solid.

I'd booked Thursday and Friday off for hubby's birthday and I've been so ill since Wednesday! Haven't really been able to go out much as I can't stop coughing and keep getting hot flushes and feeling sick... I'm only 6 injections in so I'm not sure whether it's just all down to a bug or a combination of a bug and side effects of the injections.

I haven't told anyone other than one friend we have started treatment again, so this is pretty much the only place apart from hubby I can come to for sympathy πŸ˜‚

Reluctant to take too many different medicines, guessing paracetamol and cough syrup would be ok? We are doing FET, so I'm not concerned about effects on egg quality, more just the effect on my body


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Hey Sprinkles86, sorry to hear your feeling bad. Some people can have side effects from the Buserilin, Im taking it too (8th shot today whoohoo) but thankfully outside having one bizarre dream and feeling occasionaly irritable Ive been ok. I have hot water with lemon and honey instead of coffee in the morning as it gives me a boost and I find helps with my hydration. Are you drinking water?

Sprinkles86 in reply to Beanme

Thanks beanme, yes drinking gallons at the moment as I'm trying to flush this bug out of my system! At least 3 litres a day I would say. I'm back in work Monday and worried people will start picking up on my red face when I get a hot flush!! Xx

Beanme in reply to Sprinkles86

Wow thats plenty, you could try the hot water with lemon and honey for the sore throat as it does help sooth it. I know its easier said than done but try and find something to help you relax, like listening to music or watching a comedy. Its an anxious time taking the shots and you need to be good to yourself. I hope you'll be feeling better soon xx

Sprinkles86 in reply to Beanme

Thanks lovely, I had reflexology today which was really nice! I am hoping I will bounce back quite quickly 😊 Xxx

I'm on day 11 of buserelin and have been having a sore throat too and feeling occasional nauseous maybe it is the buserelin! Xx

Sprinkles86 in reply to Oliverl

I think it must be at least contributing to the way I'm feeling! Hey ho I'm hoping the next few weeks will fly by. Are you having FET too? Xxx

Oliverl in reply to Sprinkles86

This is our first ivf cycle for unexplained infertility. I'm trying to stay calm but it's difficult hey I'm thinking of trying reflexology I'm having acupuncture but I'm not sure it's for me! Good luck you sound like you have had a tough journey you must be made of strong stuff hopefully this is your time xx

Oliverl in reply to Oliverl

No this is my first ivf cycle for unexplained infertility. Me too I'm hoping it flys by! I'm trying to stay nice and calm but feeling a bit sorry for myself today lol.good luck with everything hopefully this will be your time it sounds like you have had a difficult journey xx

Sprinkles86 in reply to Oliverl

Thanks lovely, it's not been easy but nothing worth having ever is! I found the first cycle a bit daunting but just try not to think too far ahead would be my advice or it can be a bit overwhelming, take it a step at a time 😘 Once you've started stimming it will go by so fast I promise you xxx

Hi sprinkles, you poor thing that's all you need!! I don't know if it's coincidence but I was poorly throughout my jabbing this time. On and off with cold like symptoms. Thankfully felt much better ready for ET. I hope this is the case for you. I would take paracetamol to keep your temp down and help you get better quicker as well as lots of good foods and plenty of water. Hope you're feeling better soon lovely x x x

Thanks MommaBear 😘 I think I'm getting a little of the insomnia too which I think I remember you saying you had too? I didn't get to sleep til about 3 last night 😴 My bleed has stared today just to top it all off πŸ˜‚ How are you feeling after your ET? Was it a nice straightforward one? Xxx

Well I don't sleep great anyway but the insomnia really kicked my butt this time!!! So I really feel for you! 😘 Make sure you rest as much as you can when you can to try to make up for it. Oh dear, that's all you need!! Yes everything seemed to go smoothly thanks! Just having to wait and see now. We've had some lovely days out while I've been off it's been a nice little week if I'm honest! Don't think I felt this way last time! x x x

I'm so glad you're feeling better about it all this time around, getting out and about is better than sitting in and googling every niggle lol, going to try and get an early night tonight as I'm back in work tomorrow xxx

Hi Sprinkles, I recently checked put Dr Google myself as since day 1 of taking progesterone pessaries I've developed flu like symptoms, sweating, constant sneezing, sore throat and cough. Apparently it can be from the drugs so maybe that's the case with the dr drugs too... as if simply administering them wasn't enough, cuh! I hope you feel better soon lovely xxx

lol I am so guilty of using doctor google too πŸ˜‚ Hubby says I've been a bit snappy so just asked him how snappy he thinks he'd be if he was getting injected every night and having all his hormones messed with lol, he was only teasing though! Xxx

Buserelin's a horrible hormone - I got hot flushes, headaches, and nausea and was very, very reactive emotionally (my poor husband!).

Just be as kind to yourself as you can and do whatever you need to do to get through it - chocolates, bubble-baths, boxed-sets - whatever (^-^).

H x

Sprinkles86 in reply to helsroo

Agreed H.... I am taking myself off right now for a long soak in the bath and then watching some tele in bed in nice clean jarmers and bedding... Bliss!! I've had a few hot and bothered moments but wasn't sure if it was just the virus, thankfully I am over the worst of it now hooray! Hubby says I've been a bit snappy but I obviously disagree πŸ˜‰ Xxx

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