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Zoladex and IVF


I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis 2 years ago i am 28 years old now and have had two laps - one diagnosis and one to laser the endo of my ovary's and bowel, i actually had one ovary stuck to my stomach wall due to the adhesions. The pain was so severe i was hospitalized on many occasions. After a lot of different treatment methods and trying to conceive attempts i decided to try Zoladex. I have to say besides the hot flushes etc it is the best thing ever and has completely changed my life. I have now been referred for IVf and am waiting for my first consultation. Does anyone have any advise on how this works - whether i will have to come off the Zoladex for 12 weeks before starting treatment or if it can be used as part of the IVF treatment as i am worried if i come off the injections the endo is going to get worse again and i cant risk the pain coming back.


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Hi, i am in a similar situation. I have severe endometriosis and had surgery in November, after surgery I was given Prostap and referred for IVF. I believe you do not have to come off it while waiting for treatment. I haven't and I jus had all my tests done, except for the hormone profile. I having my first consultation on Wednesday so I will know for sure. i believe being in prostap and going straight to IVF can improve outcomes on women with endo. Best of luck x


Thank you for your reply. Can you let me know what they say when you have your consultation.

Also can i ask if you are on any HRT with your Zoladex? I was on Kliovance tablets but they were causing me too much joint pain so am now on Evorel conti patches, but i worry about being on HRT in case it makes then endo worse.

Thanks & best of luck to you too x


Hi, I was not given hrt, I was told that if my side effects got bad to let them know and they will give me some but my side effects were not bad so never asked for it and was ok. I will let you know what they say on Wednesday x


I haven't been on here for a while but did they say whether you have to come off the prostap or if they use it as part of ivf treatment?


You can use it as part of the treatment but I was actually told to come off it by the locum gynae that had no idea so I had to go back on it! but you could stay on it and go straight to stimms after that, at least that is what they do on my local hospital . When are you due to start IVF? Xxx


Thanks, I keep getting told different things so nice to hear it can be done.

To be honest I've been so messed around I havent a clue what's going on. It's been going on since June 15 I was on zoladex for ten months prior, ivf clinic advised me to come off so did that went for various scans had blood tests hormone tests etc. The Mri scan showed up 8cm cyst so they booked me in for surgery. On the morning of the op, my consultant told me I hadn't even been put on the waiting list for ivf so I've been very distressed about the lack of communication and incorrect information I've been given. That's why wanted to know about zoladex as didn't want to go back on it to then come back off and wait another 12 weeks until can start ivf it's a long enough process as it is.

Thank you for your reply, it's really helped xx


Hope things get sorted for you soon, it is so annoying all the waiting!!! Once I was referred to IVF it actually moved quite quickly. Best of luck xxx


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