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IUI timings concern


I'm just after some advice please, I start my 1st round of IUI next week, I have to go in Monday for the nurse to scan my egg follicles then will start testing with the ovulation kit every day till i get the surge, that same morning I will need to go in for the IUI, unfortunately my partner works all over the country some days and it will be very difficult for him to travel back on time on some days, my question is how long is my window open for, i.e the day of the surge if he is away would doing the procedure late afternoon/evening be ok as he would drive back?

I understand we really need to be on the ball with this but his work commitments we will struggle on approximate times, which I'm worried about.

Many Thanks

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Hi, we're in a similar situation. We had our first go at iui in November (unfortunately unsuccessful, now waiting for period to arrive so we can try again!)

From what you've said I think it sounds like you aren't having drugs to help with ovulation? I'm not sure if things work differently with a drug controlled ovulation (I was on gonal f injections to help with ovulation) but I was scanned regularly from day 10 of my cycle and had a natural LH surge at one of my appointments - I was told that they would inseminate the next morning.

My husband works away for 3 days a week and we have been told that we should always have at least 24 hours notice for insemination - he works away Monday to Wednesday (leaves on Sunday night, returns Wednesday night) and it was s*d's law that we needed him on Tuesday this time!! Poor man had to drive home on Monday night then back to work on Tuesday afternoon having 'done what he needed to do' 😅.

Before we started our first round we had a good chat with the nurses at the clinic about what to expect because we knew it might be problematic with timing... it helped to take 'some' of the stress away!!

Wishing you all the very best - and hope the timing works out well for you xx

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Thank you so much for getting back to me, sorry I did forget to mention this will also be my first round and they put me in clomid, from day 2-6 of my period, then scan of egg follicles on the 10th day (Monday) Our nurse was adamant that we both had to come in on the day I surged, we didn't think to talk about it then guess we we we're just taking it all in but I will deffo speak to them again on Monday and explain the situation, just worried about missing my highest chance and then wasting a cycle.

Good luck to you too , I'm sure it will happen for both of us soon! Xx


Hiya, I'm starting my first round of scanning for IUI on Friday.. the nurse has told me that if my husband can't attend the appointment on my correct day then he can produce the sample at home and me bring it with me.. so maybe if it happens to be on the day that he leaves for work that could be an option xx

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That's very helpful I actually didn't think of that so thank you!

Good luck to you too xx


No problem :) good luck xxx


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