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IUI after failed ivf

Hi ladies,

Hope you are all doing well and a Happy new year to you all!

So as some of you know I had a failed ivf cycle at the begining of December. I have my follow up appointment on the 16th and I don't really know what to expect at this appointment. I was entitled to 4 IUI goes and one ivf, and I have now used up 2 IUI and my ivf go. Does anyone know if I can then go back to use my last two IUI goes? I feel confused and feel like if I self fund ivf it won't work again. I only got 3 eggs and only 1 made it to transfer day. My husband feels like we shouldn't go through ivf again as he dosent want me hurting my body with the side effects I got through the medication and also the health scare I had. He said he would rather try naturally until were 40!!! I'm turning 30 this year. Would be great to get some advice.

Thanks in advance and best wishes for your journey xxxx

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I hope you do get your IUI chances still, it's definitely worth trying them and trying naturally following that. If you can have another go at IVF and you feel mentally and physically strong enough to go for it then I absolutely think you should. I just think you don't want to have any regrets later in life. Also, 30 (and 40) isn't even a little bit old, you've got plenty of time :) x x x

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Thank you hun for your reply. Just worried that I may be going through early menapause so I feel like my time is ticking!! My periods have become lighter since treatment. I called the hospital to see if I was eligible for further IUI treatments and the nurse said she will look into my notes and call me back. I just feel like iv accepted that it's not going to happen but at the same time I want a baby and will try anything x


It's sometimes really difficult to stay positive after so many knock backs but try to keep looking forward the best you can. I hope they get back to you with some positive news x x x


Have a look at create fertility x


Hey Hun thank you, how are you getting along? X



Sorry it hasn't worked for you. Try and Treat the first one as a trial, next time and especially if you are going private they will tweak your meds and treatment. Also 30 is a good age for ivf 😀

I think I was around 35 when we started trying, kept thinking that I would fall pregnant ( ever the optimist ) got to 41 and eventually went for ivf which didn't work.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do



Hi j, thank you so much for your reply. I guess I'm just feeling a little lost and don't know which way to turn. I think after the follow up appointment we will know where we stand. I had high hopes for ivf as I know exactly everyone else does! But just have to see what happens. Treatment failure really affects you, and also I feel that everyone around me is having a baby :( I'm actually happy for them but at the same time I wish it was me. I wish you well in your journey, will you be having more ivf? Sorry to hear it didn't work x


I'm good going to order dhea next week x


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