IUI before IVF?

I'm pcos and have been trying for 2years. Had ovaries drilled (last June) and since then had regularish cycles and I know I've been ovulating. Everything else is fine, but not fallen pregnant yet. Consultant is close to putting me on IVF waiting list. I'm 35 in March too.

I fancy giving IUI a go to give nature a helping hand between now and IVF. Does anyone know any success stories of IUI? We will have to go private for IUI so it's not a cheap decision. would love your thoughts!


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  • Hi Dolly8, I have a friend that used IUI and it worked first time. That spurred us to try it, but unfortunately it didn't work for us.

    I would get on the waiting list for IVF ASAP as it still may be 6 months away before your treatment. In the meantime you can try IUI a couple of times, if it works; fabulous :-) and you won't need to go through the whole IVF process which would be a great result for you guys.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi Hannah143 - thanks for the reply, did you get the IUI on the NHS or pay private? How many tries at IUI did you do? Thanks

  • We tried IUI twice privately whilst we were waiting for our free NHS IVF cycle. Unfortunately it didn't work, neither did our first round of IVF. We have now gone private for our second round of IVF and are due to have ET next week, so praying that this time works for us.

    I hope you get on the NHS IVF list soon xxx

  • Thanks love. Hope you have a successful outcome. Let me know. Best of luck xx

  • Hi Dolly8. I must admit that I don’t come across many women falling pregnant with IUI, and it can still be a costly procedure, which often needs several goes. Obviously, it is up to you and your consultant, but check that having any private treatment doesn’t jeopardise your NHS go(es) on the NHS. Remember too that with IVF, hopefully you will get a few extra embryos to store frozen, which can then be used on a natural cycle. I do wish you well with whatever you do decide. Diane

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