6 weeks and body causing trouble lol

So I'm 6 weeks today and I've never been happier to say I've felt sick non stop for the last 6 days :) not actually been sick but I've been so nauseous all day everyday it's insane. Dry crackers and ice pops are the only thing that helps. I didn't get this last time so hopefully it's a good sign my hormones are busy. (Gutted I won't be able to enjoy all the christmas food though ;) ). But I'm also (sorry TMI) quite a bit constipated and combined with the sickness and indigestion it's just a bit too much lol any advice on how to deal with it? I'm happy for what the discomfort means but if I can at least go to the loo that'd be a relief. I used to have movicol(sp?) before but I don't want to medicate.

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  • Lots of fibre! Try all bran or bran flakes, that usually does it for me or orange juice if you can face it. Have you only had the sickness for the last 6 days? I know what you mean about the sickness being a positive sign, I'm coming to the end of my two week wait and really don't have any signs of anything. I also had a miscarriage in May and really hadn't had any sickness. Sickness is a good sign, good luck xx

  • Thank you! I'll try that :) I did have some apple juice this morning dunno if that will help. Have to send hubby shopping for fibre ;). Yep only just a week today I've been having sickness. Its lasting all day too not just mornings >__< I had no symptoms in my 2ww except for a feeling like I had a urine infection (but didn't). Then after my BFP, nothing until last week when I got this sickness, quickly followed by indigestion and constipation lol I had a day or two where i had sore boobs but they seem to be fine today (touch wood). I think symptoms vary from woman to woman but i definitely didn't have any pregnancy symptoms before now. When we lost our pregnancy in the summer we didn't have any at all (even by 7 weeks) so I know how you must be worrying. My friend who had a natural pregnancy had no symptoms at all until 10 weeks! I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry just yet. Keep calm and relax if you can. Also I had some spotting too after my 2ww but not during of that helps you at all. Best of luck to you too xxx

  • Thanks for your reply, it's always good to know other people's experiences. Best of luck to you too... hope the fibre works! X

  • I'm 7+4 and although I know I'm pregnant I have only been sick a few times . As silly as this sounds I want to experience the full sides of pregnancy as been through so much but right now it's just not happening. But I do feel drained and my breasts are throbbing me x

  • For the sickness try peppermint water xx

  • Thank you I will try that. I've found chewing gum and ice pops and plain unsalted crackers help but we aren't allowed to eat at our desks so having a drink would be better. I'll try find some peppermint cordial or something :) thank you and good luck to you too xxx

  • Hi KittyK. Oh this morning sickness if gross! Still, you're not vomiting so whatever you do eat will be good for you, even if only crackers! You could try lactulose, which is safe for you, for the constipation, but make sure you drink plenty of water if nothing else, to try and keep your bowels hydrated. Fybogel is good too, but it is a drink, os you may not be up to that at the moment. I'm sure you will soon start to find something to nibble at, which will help. Another few weeks then all should be settled and you will start to enjoy your pregnancy. I do hope you soon feel better. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane! I didn't feel any of these symptoms last time so I'm hoping now is the time :) so many cramps though - but clinic say it might be because I had two put back, maybe both have implanted and are pulling at the lining? Who knows. Fingers crossed for the scan on the third. I'll try the lactulose hopefully it'll help :) I managed sandwiches at lunch so we're on our way x

  • Good to hear you have some appetite back. Maybe a bit of turkey tomorrow?! Diane

  • Work has closed until the 3rd so I'm finding it easier to graze which is keeping the worst of the nausea away :) I'm not allowed to eat at my desk so it sets in when I'm getting an empty belly worst of all. I've nibbled toast and crackers and even stole a slice of my husband's pizza at lunch and feel pretty good :) just a little quesy but I can smell dinner cooking and my stomach feels like it wants it rather than making me feel sick so I think fingers crossed I'll be able to have some of that Turkey come Christmas dinner! Thank you! Hope you enjoy yours too :) and a happy new year xxx

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