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OHSS and 6 weeks pregnant and low hsg


I've been in hospital.this week for 3 days with moderate Ohss. I feel so crappy. I thought I was going to pass put with the pain in hospital and was given a morphine in the end which is the same given to women in early stages of labour.

Been back a day and on paracetamol but it's not hitting it so just taken cocodamol. I'm so fed up and tired of feeling like this.

I've been told I need to wait a week to have a scan to find the pregnancy sac as they couldn't find it on the ultra sound. My right ovary is 3 times the size it should be and my left ovary is double. I've free fluid in my abdomin too. My uterus is retroverted so I understand it to be more harder to see anything anyway but I thought 5-6 weeks is way too soon to spot anything anyway on ultra sound. My hsg had stayed the same too while I was in hospital and they suspect an eptopic pregnancy but as my hsg is so low it's not strong enough to rupture it.

Maybe delaying the enevitable by leaving at week as if they don't see anything then they've advised I have an injection to start a miscarriage.

Just feeling so lowsy. Does anyone know how long ohss can last with pregnancy? I'm just lost and don't know what to do.

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Oh soap I really feel for you. I had ohss and it was terrible. Luckily after 2-3 weeks it eased off.

The following cycle all my embryos were frozen to avoid it.

I hope you feel better really soon and get some relief and good news

Thinking about you

Hi Honey,

Wow you are having a hard time! I cant imagine what you are going through...i cant answer your question but when you post a post you can choose ask a question rather than post so you can ask one of the nurses on here for advice good luck honey hope it all settles quickly for you xxx


All I can say is I had a internal scan last week at 4 weeks and they expected to see sign of pregnancy, they suspect I have eptopic as my levels are rising but very low. last one was 98.

I have no pain or syptoms though and I'm booked in early preganant clinic Wednesday.

It's all awful isn't it we just want a simple postive but seem to get anything but.

I hope you feel better soon and all gets sorted xx

Soapsuds86 in reply to Hidden

Really hope your appointment goes well weds and they see the sac. I'm not sure I believe i have an eptopic and believe tge pain is ohss but time will tell. Good luck 🍀🍀🍀


Wow honey I don't even know how to feel your pain talk about unfair.

Just sending you massive hugs xx

Thanks for replies. I'm feeling a bit better today but I think it's cos I'm earing lots of protein and drinking lots of water. Had to research this info myself.the hospital gave me no after care. Ended up taking cocodamol last night to get me to sleep.

I'm so angry today. I wrote up all the different things I've been told over the 3 days by a total of 17 different nurses and doctors that I remember in the hospital!! I was there 12 hours before they realised I was diabetic yet it was on my gp notes, paramedic notes and I told them!! They failed to tell me my ketones were 4+ too which had my sugars be high I would be very seriously ill.

I called up the ward last night as instructed as I was short of breath and was told to call back in an hour! Then when I did call back I had to explain EVERYTHING AGAIN and asked "well what do you want me to do?".

I looked over my discharge sheet and there is nothing correct on it what so ever! I complained of back and thigh pain. On the sheet it says abdominal pain! All my medication is wrong on it too. So I called them today to ask why it was all wrong. The woman i spoke to did not have people skills!!

She was so rude, disgusting attitude and spoke down to me. When I told her I've been told my hsg is going down when I left the hospital and then when I got home I had a call to say it's rising. That isn't good enough that I was given someone else's results. Her reply " well that's all sorted now isn't it "

I don't know if I have a healthy pregnancy yet she thinks thats been dealt with!! Unbelievable. I asked if these incorrect notes were going to the gp and she replied " what do you think is wrong with them? "

I did loose it at this stage with her and hung up the phone.

I've been shown no compassion, no empathy to the situation. When I was screaming down the ward for half hour times in extreme pain to be told " there's more important people here ". And nurses peering in saying is SHE still here.

Needless to say I'm putting a huge complaint in. I want it sorted. I'm at the Norfolk and norwich cley ward. Disgusting staff and I'm going to the top to get the issues and their attitude addressed.

I'm still none the wiser if i'm still pregnant or eptopic or anything. The stress is causing sugars to rise too which could effect my baby's health. I'm just so let down. You think you go in hospital and will be looked after. Guess in till your so far gone with pregnancy that's not the case. So annoyed. x xx

Hi Honey,

I just cannot believe how you have been treated! Please please dont let this drop take your complaint all the way and if you have to ring that place again (not that you would want to!) but before you explain everything just remember to ask the name of the person you are speaking to this will get them thinking why your asking this? and hopefully they will handle you better!

When i was preparing for my ivf i was told i would need a polyps of my womb after i had the polyps removed i was in the most excruciating pain i have ever felt! I have had treatment for one thing or another all my life including 2 blood clots removed from my brain yet this pain was like something i had never felt before even worse than brain surgery i went to a&e and was transferred to gynae ward at hallamshire hospital they diagnosed pelvic inflammatory disease they were brilliant with me discharged me after 4 days and told me to call if any probs they were the nicest i have ever come across and i will say that everyone should have this treatment! you feel bad enough without having to cope with peoples attitudes as well! i wish you all the best with your future correspondence honey take care of yourself and good luck xxxxxxxxxxx

Soap suds OMG i would be furious!! What a dreadful limbo to be in not knowing :0 I would much rather face another bfn than have to go through what you are. My goodness! Take that complaint as far as it will go!! Disgusting treatment. Hope you get a good result chick with regards to this pregnancy xxxxx

Thanks. No I'm not letting this go. The doctor told me that on Friday I would need an injection to start a miscarriage. Yet tge then get a phone call to say that my hcg levels are rising.

The ivf clinic are furious and told me told me to go no where near the injection but to continue to have the scan at the hospital. Then I see the ivf clinic a week later for a scan.

Im taking it easy atm to.do what I can for the current pregnancy because as soon as I speak about the hospital it winds me up. As soon as I know how I'm doing I'm going full steam ahead with complaint.

I've got names, dates, times etc and written it up in rough. I've asked for a copy of my medical information be sent to me too so I can gather as much info as possible.

After 4 years ttc, if the loss of my baby is due to their error is something I will not take lightly. I'd be prepared to pay for legal action. I've fought this long for my little one, I won't stop. Like ivf isn't enough to deal with! xxxxxxx

Hi soap suds just wondering how you are doing?? Xxx

HI misswinky34

I'm not really sure how I am to be fair. Im not bloated any more so not sure how to take that. May just be the ohss fluid clearing. I'm not swollen on my hip and thigh any more either so may just seem like I've lost weight but it's the fluid gone.

I'm just waiting. Waiting to be told whether i still have a valid pregnancy or not. I've shed a fair few tears the past few days. This morning I've been pretty bad but that's probaly my fault. I peed on the clear blue digital weeks indicator. It said 1-2 weeks pregnant. Even with adding on the two weeks according to that would say 4 weeks. I'm 6 weeks and 6 days. Should just take it as a pinch of salt but I just thought if I saw the 3+ weeks I'd have hope my hcg is rising. Just searching for hope.

Terrified of going to my scan tomorrow. I need to know but I don't want to find out if it's failing but can't go on in this limbo.

Just want to sleep until I have to be there. x x x

Hidden in reply to Soapsuds86

Oh God soapsuds :(

I really feel for you honey, really I do, what a horrid horrid situation to be in, made worse by the very people who should know and be helping :(

I pray to God you get the news you are hoping for tomorrow at your scan.

Sending you a massive massive hug :(

Soap suds

Try not to dwell too much on the digital test indicator. I remember flying to the docs with my son when I had gone from 1-2 2-3 3+ then a few days later back to 1-2 OMG I freaked out ended up almost demanding to go to epu and the gp just rubbished the result and said they go on urine concentration and loads of stuff can interfere with the result. I assumed my hcg was dropping and spent a week a nervous wreck poas every five minutes, ended up seeing healthy bubba in scan 😊

I'm really rooting for you chick. You have done so well not to have just fell into a crumpled heap by this point!

Been absolutely shambolic for you treatment wise up to know I just hope tomoro you can get some clarity as to what's going on.

Stay strong xxxx

Soap suds how are you petal?? Xxx

Thanks for the replies.

I had the news I was dreading yesterday. My hcg has dropped from 170-50. Pretty much confirmed I'm going to loose this pregnancy. Got to have another blood test next week to make sure it's 20 or under. Then the ivf clinic still want to scan me to check everything after I've been in hospital.

I'm pleased I won't have to have the injection to end it though. I'll just never know whether it was ectopic or not. I'm thinking that as my levels have dropped quite quickly that it was in my uterus because I'm sure they said the levels would stay around the same or drop very slowly if it's eptopic. The doctor says it doesn't matter but it does to me. I want to know where I carried my baby for the short time but there's no way of knowing.

Tomorrow is a day I just wish is not going to exist. My first ivf failed on the weekend of fathers day and then this on the weekend of mothers day. It's just so rubbish.

Just so broken x x x

😔 soap suds I'm sorry I just private messaged you before I got chance to read this post. I'm so sorry Hun. That sucks 😔 my hearts heavy for you. I totally understand how you would need to know where you carried your baby. Of course you do!! The whole things just been brutal for you 😔 I won't patronise saying something like I know how you feel - I don't. just want to say I'm sorry and hope you've got some super support around you right now.

Come here and let it all out if it helps you 😊




Awww soapsuds I am so sad to be reading this, like you haven't been through enough. Take care xxx

Thank you so much button-123 and miss winky34.

I felt so guilty yesterday though because even though I'd just had that news, I went out. I can't bare being at home at the minute. Just feels so empty. Me and my hubby went out yesterday and walked along the beach. Just felt so nice getting some air.

I feel it's a bit premature as I've not even bled yet so feel like it's not happening yet. Still got the pregnancy symptoms too which is a kick in the teeth.

I got a yankee candle yesterday "angel wings". I'm going to light it tomorrow with the "baby powder" one. The baby room smells of the baby powder candle. I leave them in that room and it just smells lovely.

I did also get myself a little pandora charm with a heart and the colour birth Stone in which would have been baby's due date. My mother's day present to myself 😄 I'm going to start wearing it from tomorrow too. Just something subtle but meaningful.

Still feels way too early for all this kind of stuff but guess I just need to know I'm doing something and to let baby know I never gave up once on them.

Going to see family tomorrow so they'll be there to help me through this. My hubby's family are great too. I'm probaly going to try to see a councilor next week just to help me start the grieving process. x x x


Aw my heart breaks for you, what a lovely idea with the candle and charm and if it helps you process everything even better. You sound like you have a good support network around you which defo helps with this cruel journey. Just take time and do everything as and when you are ready xxx

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