Scared bleeding at 6 weeks

Getting really nervous, around 7 last night and got ill very quickly, shaking then vomiting, runs, with severe abdominal pain both lower down and higher in my stomach. Called EPU and they said it sounded like a sickness bug. Things have got much better through the night, I've still got bad stomach ache but if I keep still it's ok. However I've just started bleeding, I'm so worried, I'm 6 weeks from first IVF.

Thanks Sally

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  • Awww what a shame that must be very stressful for you. I would ask to go in and get checked out maybe you could get an early scan. Really hope it's OK for you.

  • I can't get a scan until Monday or Tuesday, ive been told basically there's nothing that can be done as its a weekend πŸ˜₯

  • Sorry to hear this. Get lots of rest and drink lots of water does sound like a tummy bug!! Xxx

  • Hi Sally, I hope you are feeling a bit better? Is there any value in just turning up to a&e/epu if you are worried? If I have learnt anything over the years it's that sometimes you need to be a bit pushy. Otherwise ... I reccomend ginger biscuits, p,since cream and green tea xx good luck honey xx

  • Thank you, they think it's a bug so said they wont do anything, they've advised me to sit it out until Monday when I can get a scan. I'm feeling much better just worried about the bleeding but it's not getting any worse x

  • That's really good news xxx such a scary time all of this .... the scan will be amazing I'm sure xx

  • Hi Se99. Sounds like a bug to me too! Hope you are feeling better and that you can go ahead with your scan today. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you all for your advice and support. Good news is I've just been discharged as I'm started to feel better, our scan showed our little baby and a heart beat! Along with huge ovaries that have bleed into my uterus so they are not concerned! Big relief x

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