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Hi Everyone, need some advise

As I posted previously me and my partner had icsi treatment and got a negative result on the 2nd November, I started bleeding on 3rd November for 3 days, I have not had another bleed/period since it is now the 13th December and I was due on 3rd December so am 10 days late.

Is this common or should I take another test, I haven't tested as yet as I know in my head it will be a negative and I do not want to disappoint myself again!!

What would you do?

Thank Becky x

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My cycle got messed up after all 3 of our ICSI cycles. After the first round I didn't have a period after the initial bleed for 3 months. I had ruptured follicles as a side effect of medication. This was confirmed by a scan and remedied by a course of the pill. The other times things just sorted themselves out after going to a 5 week cycle then back to my usual 4 week cycle. You could do a HPT and then contact your clinic as they'd probably ask you to do one. It seems that other ladies on here have had similar issues following treatment.


Hi, When I had my failed ICSI treatment, I didn't have another period till after 6 weeks. I think this is fairly common and your body adjusts back to its normal state. The drugs you take when doing ICSI affect your normal cycle but it will go back to normal. xx


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