September/October ICSI Treatment


First time posting so please bear with me....

We are going through self-funded ICSI treatment due to hubby having had a vasectomy (and a subsequent failed vasectomy reversal 3 years ago). I'm 30 years old and healthy so hoping that goes in our favour. All being well it looks as though we will be starting treatment from my September period which is due around 3rd, give or take a few days. I just wondered when I should be thinking about cutting out alcohol and caffeine and starting taking conception vitamins. I don't want to get obsessive about things but want to give us the best possible chance. Alcohol isn't really an issue, even though I do like a glass of wine but I do love my strong morning coffee.

Everything is starting to feel so real now and I'm already nervous, excited, happy and scared at the same time and my mind is starting to overthink.....

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  • Hi LauraM1986

    I have read a few books on this which were really helpful. They say that both the sperm and egg have a 3 month life cycle to mature so you should start 3 months before. Alcohol and caffeine are particularly bad for fertility I'm afraid. I read the zita west assisted fertility book which has quiet a large section about diet, vitamins and things to cut out 3 months prior x

  • Thanks for coming back to me :) I had in my head around three months but wanted to make sure I wasn't going OTT before I had even begun! I'm looking into acupuncture as well, if anything I'm hoping it will help keep my a little relaxed and more calm xx

  • I have reflexology for the same reason and it makes me calmer. I also find that controlling my food, vitamins etc makes me less stressed. Gives me a bit of control over something I have little control over. I'm not obsessive with it but try to eat sensible now. Decaf coffee is ok when you get used to it! X

  • Hi LauraM1986. Just wanted to wish you well with all of this, and for success. I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, that really does mean a lot. As not many people know about my treatment it really helps when the few people around are so positive xx

  • HiLauraM1986. My pleasure, and if I can help with my medical hat on at all please get in touch, either by private message here, or confidential email at Diane

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