Trying to conceive and now missed period?

Hello, I have a 5 yr old son and with him it was difficult to get pregnant so maybe I'm on the same boat again, but this time around seems a little different, I've been having normal periods for the past 6 months and will be exactly every 17th, now my period is late (7days) I was spotting pink a day ago, my left breast leaks very little like once a day, I have tested and all came back negative, my last test I took was 3 days ago, has this ever happened? Am I pregnant? Why do you think my next step should be? Please advise. Thank you!

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  • Did you test with first urine of the day? This can make a difference to the test result. The hCG hormone is most concentrated in the morning and might not be picked up later in the day, especially in early pregnancy. I also think the digital tests are good because you don't have to look for a line that may be very faint. If you're now 5 weeks, it could be worth testing again with a morning sample.

  • I did digital and 3 other types 3 days ago and all came back negative, the digital one I did first thing in morning, tomorrow I will be testing again first urine a 8 days late I hope + comes up, I just now went to the RR and pinkish stated coming out again I hope it's not a sign of period.

  • Visit the gp? Xxx

  • That will be my next step next week if no period and no positive tests

  • If you are not pregnant it may be worth checking for elevated prolactin. That may be the cause of your leaking breast, and also periods tend to get delayed, if they happen. Until controlled, I used to spot for three days three or four weeks into my cycle and then have a lightish period after about 7weeks...

    Hope it is a pregnancy, though...

  • I did another test first thing this morning at days late, and came up negative grr I am now spotting dark pink and left breast still leaking.

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