They found sperm!

My dh was diagnosed with Azoospermia last September meaning a zero count. We have spent the last 15 months going backwards and forwards to hospital appointments. He finally got a date for the M-TESE surgery which happened on Tuesday just gone. They couldn't give us the results on the day of the surgery but the surgeon called the following day to give us the good news that they managed to freeze 5 vials for us to use.

We are over the moon but have decided to give ourselves a break for a while and concentrate on being a couple before we throw ourselves into IVF.

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  • That's great news, we also got 5 vials which were frozen a year ago, currently on the 2ww of our second cycle! 😊

  • Hi Sammy-h. Well done - that's fab news! Thank goodness for ICSI!! Enjoy your break and hope all goes well when you decide to carry on with treatment. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi Sammy-h did you have to wait for the funding for this. I am trying to research the procedures available. Also what hospital are you at

  • Hi Lauren, we are based in Essex but with UCLH in London. We waited 6 months for the appointment (from being put on the list, after all tests results came back)

    It was funded by the NHS but the surgeon did say she had heard rumours they were only going to fund the surgery if your CCG funds IVF which ours doesn't.

    How far along are you? How are you doing?

  • Its all pretty new for me so waiting for our inital appointment next week. I pretty much know which direction its heading in due to all of our hopsital results.

    Where are you now on your journey?

    Thanks for the reply x

  • We have put our journey on hold for now. We planned to look at starting in June but we have decided we still aren't ready.

    All of the tests and hospital appointments took its toll on our brains and bodies and we decided to take some time out to do stuff that we had put on hold.

    My DH is due to have another operation at the end of this month as he has a varicocele and then July will be our last visit to the hospital in London.

    From diagnosis to surgery it took 15 months.

    I wish you lots of luck. Be kind to yourselves x

  • Ahhhh that's brilliant Sammy-h! You both must be so pleased and at least your poor hubby didnt have to go through it for nothing!! We also had to freeze sperm because my hubby's sperm is depleting! Pat on the back to your OH, brave man!xx

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