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Low sperm➡️No sperm➡️Some sperm


In keeping with my desperate attempts to remain optimistic and treat each little success as actually a big victory, we had some good news today! Hurrah.

Having found out mid-March that my husband has a low sperm count (less than 2 million - too low to detail mobility and morphology etc), we were pretty devastated. We convinced ourselves that we’d done something wrong in producing the sample or that it got destroyed by the cold on the way to the hospital (we live close!) or some other unlikely reason.

He booked to have another sample analysed the next week, the result of which came back early April as having no sperm. Having been in despair since our first result, I don’t think we could muster more energy to be more upset so we cracked on with our plans to go and see a consultant privately. He recommended more tests (which have so far come back as normal!) and more samples, in the hope that we find something for us to freeze.

And so today, within an hour of my husband having provided the sample, the consultant called back to confirm that there was indeed “occasional mobile sperm”. I feel like I have won the lottery and that’s even though I’m still a far way off pregnancy! There wasn’t enough sperm to give a proper count but there was sperm! And as I say, these little successes are actually huge and I feel that little bit closer to our main goal.

In case it’s of any help to other couples, we’ve taken the following steps to try and increase his count:

No hot baths (he previously had these a lot!)

Wellman conception tabs

Vitamin C tabs

Vitamin D3 tabs

Zinc tabs

Fertility specific acupuncture

Pomegranate juice

Spoonful of pumpkin seeds daily

He doesn’t drink much anyway but is being more conscious of what he drinks.

He’s never smoked.

Does anyone have any other tips to help increase count? And any thoughts on why the count fluctuates?

As ever, thank you all so much for your help and support 😊 xx

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My hubby seen a increase when he drank spirilina. It's a powder form and u mix it with a drink. It looks dreadful but his count did increase a bit. Good luck xx

LR16 in reply to daydreamer89

On my way to Holland and Barrett as I type! Thank you! Xx

Lilli79 in reply to LR16

I think Aldi do bags of spirulina now for quite cheap xx

My consultant told my husband to use condensyl and use for at least 4 months. You can buy it online xx

Our clinic recommend condensyl as a complete supplement, or menevit.


It sounds like you're both going through a really tough time, but I applaud your optimism :)

The only other things I can think of to help is loose fitting pants and boxers and since sperm like it cool, refrigerate/ freeze them (boxers) first.

Your poor hubby will think we're thinking of ways to torture him hehe

Good luck x

LR16 in reply to Kvelvetrose

Haha, I’ve never heard of freezing boxers before! I can well imagine the response I would receive were I to suggest it, ha! I have been trying to suggest a quick blast of cold water at the end of a shower but that suggestion too has fallen on deaf ears.

Thank you for your lovely message. I’m finding everything quite tough to be honest and so am having to make a conscious effort to be glad of each little success.

I am so sorry that you have had such a difficult time. I hope that you find some answers and that your journey becomes easier. 🙏 xx

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