Treatment not booked in!! 😒

Hi I'm really upset and angry with our clinic, I've been waiting since September for them to let me know when to start the pill in December for ICSI to start January. Rang the clinic today and was told we're not even booked in for January!! Nearest app is March. What has happened?? Nurse said there's nothing I can do and that I'll just have to book for march and that she will let there quality assessor know. Well I remained polite on the phone but I'm fuming. I've left a message for the secretary to call me in the morning to explain who and what's cocked up. At no time in the last year and half has anyone mentioned that I would have to ring and arrange my own ICSI. Even the consultants app in August he rang the secretary in front of me and said we are top of the list to start Jan. The app in September was with a woman who did our treatment plan and on the back of the consent form there is a clinician signature bit that stays have you made the patient aware to call to book an appointment which she didn't even mention. Anyone else been in this situation? Just looking for advice as I feel I need to make an official complaint here.

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  • I strongly advise you to contact PALS at your clinic. I had a similar situation, was told last Jan treatment would start by consultant then was told April... Complained to PALS and started treatment in Feb, was sorted in 48 hours, very efficient. Even got a call from the director to apologise for the miss communication. My first cycle failed, but had a FET a month later and am now 24 weeks. I found the best way was to put everything in an email to PALS so I could get my point across (and also proof of contact rather than phone) and got a call back the next day, sorted the day after. Best of luck x

  • O you poor thing honestly i feel ur pain and anger although im not in the exact situation but i called up 3 months in a row to book ap to have my tubes tested and i was rufused 3 times each month and was told ring bk on ur 4 month i was like seriously ihave waited 3 months and then to be told still no app avaiable the reciptionst didnt care at all i guess its not in her hands but she should have just booked me in advance rather me ring up each month n be left disapointed. Some these xlinics are just so annoying they cant do their job properly sometimes i think i wish if i had the money i would go private. I hope u get ur app asap and yes u should follow up on why this happend to u its totally not fairxx

  • Not quite the same situation but I had failed IVF in April.there were no eggs to the end of the summer I emailed the clinic and said we were ready to discuss the next steps but I wondered could they do a consultation free of charge since we had paid Β£5k for an entire treatment of which they only had to do half.They responded that the Doctor would call me so that she didn't have to put it through as a chargeable consultation.Im still waiting.....

    I will complain but I'm currently going thru treatment with a great clinic overseas and trying not to give myself any extra stress

    I think though u should definitely voice your concerns! This is your life they are playing with!!

    Best of luck xxx

  • As embiemomma says definitely PALS. My consultant was really unpleasant (I won't go into it!) and after a call to PALS I had a phone call from someone on the board who quickly arranged a transfer to someone new and my next appointment was even sooner than the one I had before xx

  • Just a quick update, I contacted PALS this morning and explained what has happened, including finding out that our donor counselling was not optional as explained but mandatory so we couldn't start treatment anyhow before this!! Managed to get app with counsellor 20th Dec and 10th Jan. Had a call from clinic tonight to say sorry for the confusion and miss communication and that depending on my December period, 21 days on the pill it's looking like 6th Feb start injections!! Finally some good news πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ Thanks for all your help xx

  • its a shame it has to come to complaining but PALS definitely works!! Its a stressful enough time without stuff like that, glad they got it sorted. Best of luck with your treatment x

  • Sorry to butt in but may I ask what PALS is please?

  • Hi The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) offers help and advice to people using health services, they also can be used as an informal way of resolving a complaint before it goes official. X

  • Thank you. Hopefully I won't need it but it's good to know just in case x

  • Still no call from the Secretary confirming 6th Feb, we were at an info day today so mentioned it again to the nurse that I'm concerned it's not definite, she said that she would chase her up, just wanting to know we are booked in for sure as I can see it getting cocked up again. Info day was great at explaining the whole process just a shame we didn't have it 6 months ago at the beginning of our ivf journey x

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