Failed cycle Review booked for tomorrow!

So after my BFN on Sunday, I was asked to retest today which I did and of course was still negative as I expected,rang the clinic to book my review appt expecting it to be at least a few weeks away to be amazed that they had an appt tomoz with my consultant! I'll be going alone as my OH is at work which they said was fine but fingers crossed we get some answers and find out when we can start cycle no2 x

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  • Hi Laura. That's great news, I hope you find it helpful. Let us know how you get on x x x

  • Thank you, Im hoping to hear what's going to happen next and when- soon I hope xx

  • I can understand you wanting to get started straight away. Each clinic is different, some say 3 months. Ours is 6 but we're nhs. Make sure you take some time out for yourself, your body will need some rest x x x

  • We only had one round on nhs which we've had so now will have to pay, I don't know how they will go with me and waiting as I am currently also battling a rare cancer which will require my womb and poss ovaries too removing so they are trying to give me the time to have a baby first so I'll have to wait and see xx

  • Oh laura I'm so sorry, what an amazing thing to choose to do before your treatment, you're so brave to go through all of this! I really hope they can start your cycle again as soon as you're ready. It's so unfair that you only get one cycle, I really hope this next one is successful. Sending so much love to you x x x

  • Thank you, Im determined to be mum before they steal those organs amongst others from me! Xx

  • You sound like such a strong person, seriously amazing. Wishing you all the luck in the world x x x

  • Wow Laura... my hats off to you, your an increadible gifted lady to have such inner strength, all should aspire to be like you and have the courage to carry on. I wish you nothing but the best, I sincerely mean that. May you be blessed soon. Wow!

  • Thank you 2016 was a year of bad news and although I've had a first bfn Im determined to get on to cycle 2 and hope this will result in a bfp. The support on here is amazing and I have a great cancer support group aswell with patients from around the world who keep me inspired and fighting each day!

  • Such an inspiration keep hoping and looking forward all the best with the app x

  • You are some woman.. what an inspiration. Stay strong and I will keep wishing for your bfp. Good luck with appointment have lots of questions ready xxx

  • So to hear about your bfn, really hope your dream comes true your strength is inspiring xxx

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