How long did people wait for a follow up appointment?

Just wondering how long people waited for a follow up appointment after a failed cycle. I know clinics are busy etc but just feel in limbo waiting, we have so many questions we want to ask and decisions to make towards our next cycle. I rang the clinic to ask she said if I haven't heard anything by another 4 weeks to call back (that will be 6 weeks after our fail) and previously with our clinic I have had to chase everything up as the admin side seems to let the clinic down. Just feeling anxious with all the uncertainty and waiting once again xxx

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  • Sorry your having such a long wait Button, that seems like a long time at what is a really difficult and upsetting time.

    Fingers crossed you hear soon


  • Hi, I found out yesterday my first cycle failed and they said to take a few months out so my body can heal after the IVF. I told the nurse that although my body needs time out, I need to speak to the doctor as like you I have loads of questions, therefore I have managed to get an appointment in a months time with another doctor. I was still not happy so rang my consultants secretary yesterday and have asked for an appointment. I found that while the IVF was happening, they were fantastic with appointments, however when its normal appointments, we are just left waiting. don't accept it, keep ringing for an appointment. I know last year I asked for a private consultation which was Β£125 but I felt desperate at the time, there is always that option but the clinic should give you an appointment. Keep trying because asking you to wait 4 weeks is unacceptable. Finally because we have both suffered a failed cycle, I hope your second try works for you, sending lots of luck and love. xxx

  • We had a failed cycle 24th December and follow up was 27th January which I thought was really long to wait. Definitely chase them up. I had a fet on Friday so wasn't too long before we tried again, and I felt that the 2-3 months wait did my body good and let me get into a good frame of mind to try again. Hopefully won't be as long as they've made out xx good luck xx

  • Button I'm seeing my consultant on Monday .. They have been quick ... defo chase them ! Hope you are holding up xx I've been terrible but this week getting back to my old self. One more nhs round left (2 frozen as well but no frozen to use). If this fails I'm going to ARGC ... Most expensive but has to be done!

  • Miscarried 3rd Feb, bloods/pregnancy tests confirmed 12th. They finally got back to me the following week after we both chased them. As many of you have found, the Admin team severely let the clinic down. They are hugely under staffed which doesn't help matters. The woman I spoke to didn't seem to want me to have a follow up appt even though it's included in the near 6k we paid and kept saying well it will just mean starting again because there's no eggs if I wasn't aware we only had one again!!!! The nurse who took my blood said I should have follow up appt to ask questions and get some closure, so I said I still wanted to speak to a doctor. They were too busy to book an appt as someone was already on the computer, when they called back they told me they have no appointments til 18th April. Needless to say we won't be going back there for treatment if amd when we can ever afford it again

  • Mine was quick only about a week wait for follow up appointment. hope you get in soon xx

  • Hi all and thanks. I don't mind waiting for the treatment as I think it does your body good. I just want to talk to them so I can consider the options. I responded very poor and have low amh so donor eggs are a possibility just want some answers so I can at least know what I am up against and look into other options if needed, as it's very difficult to look into our things if not needed. I have phoned my GP and got a phone appointment for Thur as considering moving clinics just want to know how long a process that is etc X

  • Hi Button, my first cycle was with an nhs hospital, it failed end of Feb and my follow up is early May. I don't know if private clinics are more willing to see you earlier- you would hope so given prices. I saw my doc today- found one at my Gp surgery who is helpful and kind- it's just reassuring to see someone who remembers you from last time, even though she couldn't actually do anything for me at this stage. Good luck xx

  • I got my appointment fairly quickly. I would phone clinic and demand a soon one. Good luck. Xx

  • Our follow up wait has been 6 weeks in fact today is the day we have it! I've enjoyed the break of not having to think too much about diet & all things IVF but at first thought 6 weeks was way too long to wait to discuss it. I've been told 6 wks is average and gives time to heal & think about questions we want to ask. Plus it would be a while until my body has got back into a normal cycle. I'm older so all this waiting is doing me no good at all so feel your pain xx

  • Good luck today. We have been offered a cancellation one so its now tomorrow. I just want to ask all my questions so we have time to digest all the answers and make any decisions needed before our next try xxx

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