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Now looking to 2017

So we failed our first cycle which is absolutely gutting and having to pick myself up. I knew well before OTD as bloody period arrived on time. Much better about it all in recent days.

Had a doctor consultation Friday about it all. We have to wait 3 cycles to start again. Think they counting November one as it was full and proper!

Reason we started on this journey was hubbies morphology. Started at 0%. He took proxeed for 6 months and drank only bottled water. Plus we had lots of healthy food for us both. He improved to 1% so we were given NHS funding and started with our clinic.

I was then told I had a low amh for my age of 33 so faced a second hurdle. At EC his morphology can back all fine!!! Crazy!

Anyway concern from doctor is still my low amh and even though I started on 300 gonal f and raised to 400 I still had less follicles then she wanted. So been told will be on a different drug next time. Think began with a P? It's a mix in one injection of 300 plus 150 of LH.

Had nurse consultation just before Christmas where will get a better idea of it and starting date.

It's been such a rollercoaster month. I'm scared that my amh will now be a complete barrier. I'm still on a losing weight thing to help. I'm quite tall but still have weight I can lose. Also hoping could still conceive naturally but can't stress over it all.

Plan is to enjoy Christmas and in new year back to being very very good.

I so hope 2017 is my year! Congrats to those with BFPs. To those with BFNs like me, keep strong xxx

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Good luck. Wishing you a successful 2nd cycle xx

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Thanks Hun x


Was it pregnyl? I had a shot of this the day before iui and it needed mixing first... hope your next cycle goes to plan and that 2017 is your year! x


Good luck with your second cycle x


Hi allieb21. Well, you seem to be doing everything correctly as far as eating the right things and keeping fit, so as you say, let's hope that 2017 is your year. Maybe they might try you on a short protocol next time, as your AMH is a bit low?? Less strain on your ovaries. Good luck and thinking of you. Diane


Hi Diane thanks

I did already do short do staying on that. Hopefully it'll work x


Hi allieb21. Good. I hope so too. Diane


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