Clomid -3 months starting now

Not sure how I feel, given clomid from the doctor this morning for 3 months and if that doesn't work it's the IVF route...

Not sure if clomid is just a way of the doctors prolonging our IVF as its a cheaper option! Not feeling hopeful about it! Between us we have pcos and low sperm count, so I feel our chances would be better with IVF.

Any thoughts on clomid for those who have used it?

he said had we been older we would go straight to IVF, feel like he's not in a rush because of our age?

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  • Hi michelleLMH, this is not my personal experience but i have a friend that has psos, she was given clomid for 3 months with no success at the end of it! she was then given 1 free cycle on the NHS at IVF unfortunatly that never worked for her either... 3 months later she found out she was pregnant she had caught naturally, 1 year and a half later shes expecting her 2nd concieved naturally!! Shes not sure wether its the clomid or the ivf drugs that have kick started things but something did! i have seen this happen to others also. Just giving you a bit of faith to hang in there, might seem like the long way round but it could jus be what you need...keeps your options open just that bit longer aswel, wish you all the best with your clomid trial x

  • Hello, I've heard a few women with PCOS say they were given Clomid to ensure they are ovulating every month. Its worth a bash - even with a low sperm count you only need one! Fingers crossed it works and there's no need for IVF but if there is, (I know it feels like an eternity now) 3 months isn't long at all. Best of luck x

  • I was on Clomid for 5 months before moving to ICSI IVF. I found taking it at night lessened the side effects a bit. Ideally they should do a scan on your first cycle to check that your endometrial lining isn't being adversely affected by the Clomid as it can cause it to go a bit thin. When we did move on to IVF I felt like everything was suddenly happening very quickly after years of getting nowhere and in hindsight I wish I'd used the 'Clomid Months' to start mentally preparing for the chance that we would need IVF. There are lots of Clomid success stories out there- especially from PCOS ladies- so fingers crossed this does the trick for you! X

  • Have faith MichelleLMH. It does seem like a long wait but as Hopeful says it's not really that long. I don't much about Clomid but if it does kick start your ovaries it could be helpful even if you do end up having IVF. Hang in there and try not to stress too much, easier said that done I know! Good luck x

  • Thank you ladies for all the comments, I ought to be more positive about it !

    Will let you all know how I get on with my first cycle.

    I do suffer with entrometris.. Hopefully it doesn't flare it up :( xxx

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