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New cycle in 2017 - low amh what can I do?

Hi all and happy new year!

So I'm doing my second and last NHS cycle this year, probably in April.

I'm trying to lose more weight to help which I have been but as I have low amh is there anything I can do to improve quality? Like any tried and tested supplements etc?

I'm being extremely positive as I have to be!

Had a down moment yesterday though as a good friend who is younger then me hasn't even been married a year, told me she was 7 weeks pregnant. She knows all about our journey and was so worried about telling me and hubbie which I could tell. It's weird aswell as I had a sixth sense she was. Am so happy for her and glad they have been successful. They said they partially started trying earlier because of what myself and my husband were going through. We both had a cry. Love the girl and don't want her to feel she can't tell me stuff. She is a lucky one and needs to hold onto that.

Just hope I get there too xxx

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Hey mrs happy new year. I am in same boat as you and starting 2nd cycle this month. I bought the book it starts with the egg and made some changes from there. Made some diet changes and got zita west eat yourself pregnant book..in fact am making the granola from there today as it is yummy. I am also exercising more as being could do with being lowered especially after Xmas!!! I am also taking dhea and coq10 supplements..I was sent a handy link recently I will find it and post here..good luck xx

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Hey Hun good luck too. I could've started next month but I'm too anxious and stressed at work ATM so on hold till April.

Ok that sounds great. Where did you get those supplements? Or is that what you mean by the link xxx


I know that feeling..I get very stressed with work so gp is signing me off this cycle😀


Oops sent too soon. Here is link


I got dhea on biovea and coq10 in boots 😀dhea is not available in pharmacies here so you have to order online..look at some threads about it on here as views are mixed..I posted about it recently and chapter in that book about it xx

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Thanks Hun much appreciated xxx

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Aw allieb we've all been there when this happens with friends and family, it's so hard hearing the news sometimes even when we are so happy for them but it sounds like you have a lovely relationship and it's great that she told you so early.

I have low AMH too and I've read about CoQ10 and DHEA but when I asked my consultant he told me that there was no real evidence to suggest they work as, if they did, he would prescribe them. He said many clinics sell these supplements to make a profit and that it has some negative side effects which can impact on treatment. That being said many women on here do swear by them. I have decided not to take them on this cycle but next cycle will be our last and so I will try them then because I feel like I would have nothing to lose. For now though I don't want to upset our consultant by going against what he's recommended!

Good luck for the run up to your next cycle, April will be here before you know it! x x x



Yea I'm glad she told me as I could tell it was hurting her not saying anything and I don't want to cause her stress! I never want anyone to be in my position so I'm glad she got pregnant naturally. It does hurt but I love her to bits!

Some friends who know, like her, are a lot more understanding and I've some who have kids who we find are really dismissive and clearly talk about us. Bloody annoys me!

Anyway thanks for the supplement info. I'm the same I feel I need to try some things just in case!!!

Good luck too xxx

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