Morning sickness - help?

I'm 7 weeks and have had sever nausea and some vomiting for two weeks. I have a constant churning feeling in the pit of my stomach and just feel generally unwell (like the worst hang over I've ever had but 24/7). I have tonsillitis so whilst at the GP I was given some anti sickness tablets which don't really work! I've tried all home remedies (ginger, sea sick bands, lemon, little meals often). I've read that for most this will improve at 12 weeks but the thought of getting through another 5 weeks seems impossible to me! Help!! :-(

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  • Hello,

    Sorry to hear your having such a bad time of it, my best friend who also had ivf she suffered really badly with morning sickness right up until about 7&1/2 months but knowing she was having her miracle baby( my godson who may I add is currently wide awake snuggled in my bed watching tv with me lol)

    But knowing that he was coming that was enough to get her through, there's nothing you can really do about it unfortunately, just rest up and hope that it stops soon for you.

    Good luck xxx

  • Oh honey, I really, really sympathise, I (hope) am just coming out the other side of this. Go back to the Dr if the tablets aren't helping, otherwise, rest, acupuncture? and just ensuring you keep hydrated as much as possible xxxx good luck it's truly hideous xxxx I know that my partner kept me focused by reminding me how much money we spent getting to feel this way and what a good sign it is .... but doesn't help you feel any better when the nausea/sickness is in full effect xxx lots os love, it won't last forever, just long enough πŸ˜‰xxxx

  • Give your local EPAS a call. They have protocols to help with morning (all day sickness) and will help you get hydrated! My friend suffered terribly but regretted not going to hospital sooner as she felt so much better afterwards.....though still pretty rubbish but manageable! Didn't take it away but she felt a lot better!! Hope you get some relief soon!!xx

  • Hiya, firstly congratulations on your pregnancy. I had very bad sickness until about 20 weeks. I was on anti sickness tablets but not sure they did a lot, I found that if I ate before I got out of bed in the morning that helped a little. My hubby used to bring me porridge to have in bed (I can never eat porridge again now as I ate so much then) It's just something you have to get through and keep in mind what a wonderful reason you are being sick for. Hope it passes soon and you can enjoy your pregnancy x x

  • Hi Lauren87. How miserable for you! I feel you need to have a word with your GP, as morning sickness should not be debilitating. Best to get this checked out and any treatment needed prescribed so that it can be nipped in the bud! Good luck! Diane

  • Hi Diane, I ended up in A&E on sunday night becuase I couldnt get my balance. I was prescribed an anti sickness and constipation medication and sent home because i wasnt considered 'clinically dehydrated' and so couldnt be treated via IV. My symptoms have not improved and the medication is just pointless because I just throw it up again - Im not sure where else to turn :-( GP arent interested and A&E arent interested I guess im just expected to suffer until it hopefully passes. I hate hospitals but Im at the point where I want to be admitted because I just want to feel better.

  • Hi Lauren. So sorry to hear this. I think you need to go back to your GP/practice nurse – sorry – and ask him/her to have a look at your ears, just in case you have an infection that is affecting your balance?? However, if you are not eating/drinking properly and are undernourished, this could be the reason you are dizzy?? You could also try some glycerine suppositories to try and sort out your constipation, or ask your GP to prescribe his/her preference. If you are using progesterone, this could be responsible, but you still need to use it for the prescribed time – vaginally if using β€œpoo” suppositories. You must try and keep sipping at water when you can. All so miserable for you, so I do hope you start to feel more human again. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, Im going back to my GP this afternoon. I think it is because Im not drnking enough and am dizzy all of the time. Im not using any IVF related drugs as the pregnancy is as a result of a natural cycle. I will let you know the outcome.

  • Hi Lauren87. Oh please do, and try your best to drink if you can. Thinking of you. Diane

  • More tablets 😷 This time dissolvable ones. I just hope these ones work. More alarming, I just weighed myself and I've lost 13 pound in two weeks - should I be concerned? Is the baby at risk?

  • Hi Lauren87. I am at home now, but generally speaking if you are normally fit and well your weight loss won't be a problem. However if the vomiting persists you will have to go back. Remember that your baby will always get nourishment from your body before you, so will be safe. If you remain poorly you may have to be admitted. I'm sure your doctor will look after you, so try not to worry and do your best to drink and eat something. Diane

  • Update ladies. I've just spend my second night in hospital. I have been diagnosed with HG and apparently that comes with keytosis which is why I've been feeling so poorly. I'm not allowed home yet because keytones are still at 3 (have to be 2 before you can be discharged) but the drips are making me feel better. The doctors said that it is a case of managing this through to 16 weeks so will probably be discharged and re-admitted a few times between now and then. I just hope it passes quickly, but relieved to be finally getting some help xx

  • Glad they've admitted you for treatment. This is what happened to my friend but she got through it although was in hospital several times!! Look after yourself!xx

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