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10 weeks morning sickness

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Does anyone know if it is normal for m/s to arrive quite late? I'm 10 weeks and today actual sickness started rather than just nausea but I was naively under the impression that towards the end of the first trimester symptoms fade. Why am I only just being sick now?

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The sickness can come on anytime during pregancy i had it first trimester with my son and then it returned in the last trimester so all normal xx

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ch319 in reply to Ro5ie

Well I hope it is short lasting

My best friend has it all the way through up too about 7 months Hun, it's totally normal, don't worry yourself, can't believe your 10wks already times going so fast 💕 Xxx

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ch319 in reply to emma-jane-30

Oh god poor girl that's a long time! Trust me from my end the time is going very slowly I can't wait to get to 12 weeks!

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emma-jane-30 in reply to ch319

Yeah I have to say it wasn't nice for her she suffered quite badly. But it's was all worth it it. Xx

LOL one thing about pregnancy related sickness is that there are no rules. So please don't worry. I had sickness all day from 6 weeks. It stopped for a week at 17 weeks then came back until birth. So hope yours eases off soon, but it can come and go. Sickness aside enjoy your pregnancy.

Yes really think are no rules at all with morning sickness (which they really should rename as I don't anyone who has just had it in the morning!) - I'm just coming up to 12 weeks (longest few weeks of my life!) and if anything mine has got worse in the last couple of weeks rather than better - midwife said that everyone is different so don't worry! My friend is now 19 weeks and she felt a 'bit rough' one weekend and that is it!!! Mine is just about tolerable during the day with enough food and naps but in the evening it is totally debilitating - not boding well for an evening wedding do I have next week!!! Wishing you all the best x

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ch319 in reply to Linda78

Oh dear sorry to hear you have been so rough. Mine had definitely got worse the last few days and just happens out of no where with no warning whatsoever and it is also making it really hard to keep my pregnancy secret. I've just been over my friends house for a catch up and ended being sick at hers in the afternoon. I was so embarrassed and as they don't know I'm pregnant I didn't know what to say

Mine was 8 weeks to 16weeks felt shocking all that time and then disappeared and only be sick occasionally now. It's a tough time but once it passes it's great xx

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ch319 in reply to Mrsjj

Oh god that sounds like a long time to be feeling sick though! How did you get through it?

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Mrsjj in reply to ch319

Yeah felt long at the time. Just had bags to hand and rushing to the toilets randomnly lol! Eat carbs and not a lot else x

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ch319 in reply to Mrsjj

I'm defo carb loading today. I do better at eating at lunch than evening meals

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