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Help with morning sickness?

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I don't want anyone to think I'm complaining about this, far from it. I know I'm very lucky and as long as baby is fine that's all that matters but my sickness is really bad. It starts in the morning and lasts all day. Not physical sickness, just constant nausea. Just wondered if anyone has any tried and tested methods that helped. Thank you xx

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My best mate coped with Ritz crackers and ginger biscuits xx

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emmab178 in reply to emu2016

There's an nct forum on healthunlocked for pregnancy type questions if your interested.

Ginger is very good for settling throwing up. There's a ginger and lemon tea aswell as the biscuits and I find ginger ale helps but I need it to be flat.

ive had it for last week i seem to do ok between 11am and 3pm then its full on other than that ive been eating dry crackers before gettibg out of bed last two days that seems to have helped a little. and i cant eat anything with a taste so been having boiled rice and pasta. seems to help a little. im same as u trying not to complain about it as its feels a good sign being sick but its not very nice.

Try some ginger biscuits or Arrowroot biscuits ( I know they're in Sainsbury's) they might help I reach for them when I get my desperately hungry sticky feeling if not talk to doctor perhaps hope you find something xx

Totally empathise and feel the same about not complaining but it is rotten and makes you feel pretty down - I have been using travel sickness acupressure bands which you can get from boots for about £8 - I genuinely can't leave the house without them on and even sleep with them on as it's been so bad - would definitely recommend! Eating little and often and whatever you feel like - crazy that you may have been so healthy to get here but that's gone out of the window now! Bread, jacket potatoes, cheese and plain boiled rice with grated cheese has been all I've eaten for the last few weeks! Good luck and hope it passes soon x

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louisear in reply to Linda78

thanks Linda. I'm worrying I'm not giving baby the right nutrients but what can you do! I was the same when I was pregnant the first time - couldn't stand the thought of veg which is odd. I tried the wrist bands and they made no difference. All I feel like eating is junk food! Pot noodles are my favourite! I know it'll pass but friends have told me theirs didn't until somewhere between 14-20 weeks! Agh! Good luck to you and let's hope ours is shorter!xx

I'm on pure junk aswell. I'm having an extension being built. Not had a kitchen appliance for 6 weeks and they took the sink out two weeks ago. Nothing more depressing than washing your pots up in the bathroom sink! Needless to say we've been living off take out and carveries!

I'm not wanting anything sweet but eating rubbish is going to punish me when I get on the scales. Checked yesterday and only put on two kilos which amazed me. Time to order a pizza lol

go for it Emma! You've 2 good excuses! I've read that as long as you're eating something it doesn't matter too much what it is and baby will be ok. You can catch up on nutrition later. Ironically I ate so well before being pregnant as I had to lose 2 stone for IVF. Now its all gone wrong for the best possible reason!xx

Nothing worked for me I had it everyday for 9 months doctor said don't worry it's a sign of a healthy baby xxx

I don't think there's a specific fix for your nausea tbh you just have to wait for it to pass. Some days I would barely eat anything but everything is fine just stay hydrated and eat what you can. If that's pot noodle so be it, won't hurt. Hope it passes soon it's so hard to work when your wrenching all day I remember! Xx

My good friend found homeopathy worked. She was very sceptical as she is a pharmacist by trade, so it worked despite her being super sceptical!!

Congratulations! You're not complaining you're just asking for tips :-) I didn't have it that bad at all but I found it was triggered by hunger. So now I eat even when not hungry which seems to nip it in the bud. It may pass quite soon! Also as above it doesn't really matter what you eat, the baby takes all the best bits xxx

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