Is this morning sickness!??

Hi everyone

So I am nearly 7 weeks pregnant now after a fet and for the last week ish I have just been feeling a little sick, all day long, just in the throat. I haven't actually been sick, the only thing I have noticed though is I just seem to be bringing up air all the time, which sometimes gives me slight relief but then the sick feeling returns pretty quick.

I thought perhaps it was indigestion but the ads on tv indicate that comes more from your stomach where as this feels a lot higher, no acid reflux or anything. Just wonder if this is morning sickness as its starting to wear me down a bit already and I have a long way to go yet!

Any thoughts? X

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  • Hi tindog - Congratulations on your pregnancy! Although it doesn't sounds very pleasant I hope this is morning sickness as I think it's quite reassuring in the early stages? I hope it doesn't get too bad for you, make sure you keep hydrated. Do you have a scan coming up soon? x x x

  • Hiya, I had a scan at 6 weeks and my next is at 12 weeks so I have quite a nervous wait ahead of me! The sickness is destroying my appetite so that is proving tricky. I'm finding pecking on fruit like grapes is about the only way I can stomach food at the mo. X

  • That's how friends of mine have been at this stage in their pregnancies, don't be afraid to contact your midwife if you are concerned x x x

  • I had a general sickness all day when I was around 5 weeks. No vomiting. It only went away if I was eating!


  • I feel the same the sickness is horrible and it's all day and evening. Not been sick but the feeling is awful. Didn't get this last time so take it it's a good sign 😍 My first scan is next week. Did you see much on your scan ??? X

  • Hiya, it was an internal scan and we could see the egg sack, yolk and then what looked like a little stick with a white flashing in the middle which was the heart. They put the heartbeat in loud speaker so we could hear which was lovely. Good luck for yours, the early ones are the most special I think, its a reward for all the ttc anxiety!!

  • awww man... reading this post just brings back memories it definatly sounds like morning sickness, mine started at 6 weeks and stayed until 14 weeks! There were times when i wanted to just curl up and cry, i worked in a food court and all the smells would make this even harder to deal with, just breathing made me gip....nothing helped apart from salty foods "mcdonalds fries where my craving" and lucozade, its defos a good sign you just need to hang in there till it ends, wishing you a pregnancy that runs as smoothly as posdible, all the best x

  • its funny you say that, I absolutely destroyed almost an entire tube of salt and vinegar Pringles last night, even though the thought of eating all day was making me gag 😂 there must be something in the salty thing!! Xx

  • lol i used to get the small tins of ready salted pringles all the time, used to be the cheese and onion but with morning sickness its a no go☺️

  • This is exactly what I had and it definitely is morning sickness lol. I was only sick once (after Christmas and i think that was a combination of too much rich food and morning sickness ( but otherwise I still just feel nauseous all day but no actual sick. The last few days I've also had really bad indigestion too. Good luck!! :D

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