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My morning sickness

Hi everyone I'm nearly 10weeks and my morning sickness has just arrived in the last two weeks but it's been lasting all day...... Not everyday but every other day . Work or family don't know yet I'm waiting for my 12wk to tell everyone. it's so hard to hide............... Even my little pop belly. Any advice on the sickness would be grand. I want to say good luck and always remain positive to all those trying to conceive. Xxxdxx

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Hi belle, I had unusual 'morning sickness' too... Keep eating little and often - plain things like crackers. Bananas always worked for me too. I got a little pod of a belly early on too so just wore baggy tops as I'm quite small. My sickness (I was never actually sick just felt but queasy and burpy) gradually disappeared around 12-14 weeks. Unfortunately it has been replaced with indigestion!! I'm 28 weeks and all us well.


Arh thanks, yes I have adjusted my work trousers slightly no one is realised yet also yes feel Burpee windy with lots of gas. I'm really not complaining I'm the happiest woman alive at the moment I really can't say that it's just nice to speak to other people hope all goes well with you. Xx


Hey mamma belle! Sorry yr starting to feel a bit sicky! But I know you don't mind when it's for an amazing reason. Apparently ginger biscuits are good for it, and sipping water! Not long to go now before you can share yr news xx


Hi I know yeah I will be sharing my news in the next two weeks is just hard at the moment to keep everything to myself and my poor partner doesn't know what to do with himself when I'm been sick it is asking "can do anything" " what can I do" but he can't.

The other day with out and about in the afternoon in the shopping centre and I just had to run to the toilet I didn't quite make it so I had a bit of a show with a few old lady is asking how are you is everything okay what's wrong sick.

somebody got me some water.

hope you're bearing up to the take care of yourself hope. Xxx


Ah bless him. It's hard for them because they do want to help but nothing they can do. Say diamonds may help!! Ha. Lol. You poor thing being sick in the shopping centre. That must be hard wondering if you will make it to the toilet in time. At least people tend to quite caring. It's to nice to hear from you and know everything is going well. Great to hear success stories! Xx

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Yes Diamond definitely help I like that. It's nice to give a success story to share truly honestly it's like I'm on a Rollercoasters and it's just not stopping. It feels like it all started when I went to my GP 4 years ago asking for help.

I think when Its time to tell people I can start to enjoy it more.

I'm so looking forward to telling my sister as I've seen her quite a few times and had to avoid going with her and the twins to the soft play,

one day I had a headache the next day I was tired because of work. is really hard finding excuses because it's such a rough play indoors with the slide bumpy slide and the boys absolutely love it, they jump all over me so have to be really careful. also I feel like I've been waiting a long time for

I'm still waiting because I can't tell anyone so it's little frustrating I know it won't be long before I can tell people I need to bear with it.

hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family

take care. Xx


eat little and often but be prepared to be sick at any point my morning sickness started at 6 weeks and is still going and my little girl is due any day and i still have morning sickness try sucking boiled sweets to trick your brain into thinking your eating xx kirsty xx


Thank you Kirsty I totally agree you can just be sick any time even sometimes when you down feel sick I got in my car to drive to the post office had to pull over sick everywhere couldn't believe it. (foamy) I mean what even is that? I heard it's boil. I am so new to all this has never been pregnant before so I feel like I have no experience in anything of what's about to come so excuse me. Hope you have a safe delivery have you thought of any names for your little girl you? we like for a boy Orlando and for a girl we like Toyah , Sofia and Madonna boys it's very hard we only have one boys name please help my boyfriend is Italian they want to keep it traditional. xxxxx


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