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I'm waiting for day 21 to arrive so we can begin our first ICSI journey! My husband and I are both 37 ttc for almost 2yrs now! He has a low count and motility and I have a low AMH. I've been booked for my prostap injection and mid cycle catheter test on 16th December! I'm wondering what to expect from these! I normally don't suffer from the normal emotional highs and lows of PMS, and scared that the IVF process will turn me into a raging hormonal monster especially over Christmas/New Year!

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  • Hi Kirstynurse. Just wanted to wish you well with your cycle of treatment, and of course for success. I'm, sure the girls here will support you loads throughout. Diane

  • Hi Kirstynurse, I'm in a similar position to you. My husband and I are both 37 and have the same issues as you. This is our first ICSI cycle. I am currently a week into the injections and so far so good. Looking at egg collection later on next week's, but have scan Monday to confirm. Good luck with your journey x

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