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Hi ladies I am new and researching egg donation :)

Hello everybody

I am joining today hoping to find others in my situation that require egg donation so to gain some much needed support and advice. I have already contacted a clinic and had a initial consultation but thats as far as it goes. I have early menopause so no choice but to use donor eggs :(

Anyone else in similar situation?

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Same situation for me. We opted for a clinic in Spain. Had first treatment in March which was successful but unfortunately miscarried at 6 weeks. Just about to start treatment for round 2.

We opted for Spain as heard shorter waiting lists. Few others on this site who have also gone to Spain all of us in Barcelona but all different clinics.

Is there anything in particular you want to know?



Hi Becks I am so sorry to hear that that must have been so devastating for you!

I have already chosen my clinic as a friend has used them they are called AVA-Peter in St Petersburg. I am using them as I can pick my own donor which is helping me as I feel more in control and actually have all that information means that at least in the future if I do actually manage to get pregnant and have a baby I can give them the information about the donor (not sure I am going to tell them but am worried that as my family know I am having Egg donation it will be impossible to keep a secret)

I suppose the question is how hard is the treatment?? I looked into IVF cos I have endo and things were not happening to find out I am in early menopause so egg donation is the only option :(

Thanks for the reply :)


Treatment last time not bad, week of injections and then tablets and pessaries until I had miscarriage. I used phone to remind me as you do need to be on time, more or less. This time it will be harder, jabs in bum and tummy in addition to tablets and patches but if I have a successful pregnancy it will be well worth it. I actually think the daily injections will be easier to fit around my work.

Hope everything went well today.



hmmm your not selling it to me lol but as you say will be worth it if it works :)

Consult went fab Tamsin the coordinator was lovely so helpful and an ex fertility patient too so understood where I was coming from am speaking to consultant again next week but off now to look on the database eeeek excited but nervous too xxx


I'm also looking at donor eggs after 2 failed rounds of ICSI. There is a website on Donor Conception that might be useful to look at.


Hi pm27

sorry about the failed ICSI, it has taken me a while to get used to using donor eggs but it is my only option as in early menopause (sometimes life really sucks!) I am speaking to a coordinator today in the UK for AVA-Peter Clinic they have a database so you can choose your own donor which sealed the deal for me but want to talk it through with this lady first just to clarify all the information as it is so much to take in! I am shocked at how quick it all is I text her last night and have a appt booked for this morning and they do not have any waiting lists so hopefully can start very soon as I am chomping at the bit now to get going (just worried about the process I am not very good with taking medication as have a brain like a sieve!)

Do you know where you are going yet?


Our consultant has suggested DE due to my age (42) and 2 failed attempts. I'm still not sure, last week I was thinking let's go for DE, this week I'm not so sure. I'm going to speak to the nurse today or tomorrow as I've got a lot of questions.

We'll probably stick with our existing clinic but I don't yet know how long it'll take to get matched with egg sharing.

I found the DCNetwork website helpful, useful to know my thoughts/concerns were 'normal'.

Hope your appointment went well.



I am an egg donor. Maybe I can answer some of your questions?

Ali XX


Hi Ali

Thanks for your reply, have you donated before or going to donate? What a wonderful thing for you to do! well done.

I am using a clinic abroad as had heard about long waits here and also was only physical details of donors here and wanted more.

Will keep you updated how I get on today :)



I have PMd you. Good luck today!


How much information is known about medical history of egg donor? How much did it cost if you don't mind me asking? x



All donors are under 30 and have children of their own, I get over 100 personal details and medical details of the donor, the medical examination and psychologial assessments of the donor and process are the same as in the UK and I get photos as well.

it is costing me £7000 total for everything including all extras they also do normal egg donation based upon physical characteristics like here and I think that is around £6000 but am using the database as I want the details :)

I talked it all through with their coordinator today and am definately going to use them they are very different to other clinics I have contacted!


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