Hi ladies things not good

Hi it's me again I was bleeding a day after transfer and stopped this thurs but rang the clinic to be told different things



Freaking out till I spoke to nurse specialist who said too early for period then I was ok until today started bleeding when I wipe myself omg who do I believe haven't gone out today soooo depressed

Can anyone help I've got test tues

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  • Hi I would insist your clinic does a blood test on Monday. 1 to test your progesterone level & 2 to see if they can get a beta reading. It could be bleeding from the egg collection as in the healing scabs were knocked off at ET & maybe they keep getting knocked while using the pessaries.

    It does sound very early for a period. Good luck x

  • Not sure as they was frozen in Aug when I ask for them to help they say have to wait for tues who do I believe

  • Is it private or NHS? I ask as if NHS you could go to your GP if the clinic won't help. If it's private then get tough on them as you are their customer & demand they do it. Really sorry you're having to go through this as you should just get the support without having to jump through hoops. Good luck x

  • It's nhs

  • Even if it's NHS, you should feel like you are important to them and they should look to be helping you. Ask to speak with the clinic manager/unit manager and it probably won't be hard with what you are going through, but use emotions if you need to!

  • Honestly, I would have thought it's too early for a period, and is it the same as your usual periods? My test is Wednesday, so I can very much understand how you're feeling right now. They told me last time it's too to test until the day they recommend. I know ladies in America that have pressed for an extra test, which of course they were given because their insurance pays for it, but it wasn't a great outcome and here's why. They had the test, it was positive for hcg just barely, but, it wasn't enough to know if it was a viable pregnancy. They then had more waiting and every 3rd day testing to confirm if it was doubling correctly. She said she'd wished she'd waiting til the proper date as sometimes it didn't double so she was in a state, but then it caught up. Don't get me wrong, if they offered, I'd test early too lol, but after hearing this poor lady suffer additionally, I can understand why they don't. Some of your bleeding when you wipe could also be using the pessaries as apparently they do that to some people. Or it could also be some implantation bleeding. Crossing fingers and toes for you hun. I hope we both get our wishes come true next week xxx

  • Ah thank you

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