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HSG & Bleeding - any advice?


Hi ladies, i’m hoping for a bit of reassurance ...

I had a HSG 2 days ago. Although not painful I found the inserting of the catheter so uncomfortable and vomitted after with shock id worked myself up so much 🙈 anyway, had some light pink discharge after for approx 12 hours, but awful like trapped wind pain worse in my ribs weirdly ... had no spotting the next day but today 2 days after I am bleeding light watery red / pink blood. I would say more than spotting but less than a period. I have very mild cramps but nothing major. They said bleeding is normal for a few days im just worrying that I have all of a sudden started a few days later than expected?

I’m only cycle day 11 and dont normally ovulate until day 20 so its not that. They also wouldn’t give me results there and then so not sure of outcome.

Any experiences / reassurance would be gratefully appreciated ❤️ xx

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The hsg actually brought on a period for me (though I have irregular cycles).

Have you spoken to the hospital? X

Not yet, they only said to contact GP if bleeding is heavy (which it isnt) or if i have a high temp with foul smelling discharge (which i dont).

Ive spent so long trying to be so intune with my body and this has just thrown me all out 🙈 xx

I had light spotting for a day or two afterwards and felt a bit sore and crampy. Hoping you feel better soon. If you feel any worse or if symptoms persist I’d go see the GP xx

I was slightly bleeding for 2-3 days afterwards and having a bit of discomfort but no pain. The bleeding was not constant, it went on and off.

But of course, when the pain is getting worse or it does nit stop, I would go and see a doctor.


I had the feeling of trapped wind for a few days, and some spotting, and generally felt some discomfort. The lady doing it said, from what she could see, my tubes were clear, and then had the results the next time I went to the clinic. If the pain continues, maybe see your GP? Hope you feel better soon xxx

It all sounds quite normal to me, going on my own experience, but if the pain continues for more than a few days then please consult your gp xx

Sunshine92 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you! Bleeding seems to have slowed down a lot today to just dark spotting and i’m in no pain at all! Temps have come back down to what they normally are at this point in my cycle too so fingers crossed i’m over all the upset now xx

I agree with tugsgirl, sounds very normal from my experience. How frustrating you couldn’t get the results there & then. I would contact the department & see if someone can let you know the results. I’m sure it’s fine, but will put your mind at rest to know that.xoxo

Sunshine92 in reply to jess1981

I havent got a follow up with gynae he was only going to offer me another appt if tubes were blocked. From what i saw on the screen it looked like dye had gone through and spilled out so fingers crossed! The radiologist also said she would strongly encourage me to try this month as it can help boost chances by ‘clearing everything out’ so im hoping thats a good sign? She wouldnt have said this is there was a total blockage 🙈 xx

jess1981 in reply to Sunshine92

I don’t think the radiologist would encourage you to try naturally if the tubes were blocked. Definitely try this cycle- I was told you have increased chances up to 6 months by a fertility doctor. Lots of women conceive afterwards 🤞🏻 for you 😘 xoxo

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