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Hi ladies iv been for my second scan and I have 5 follicles ranged between 15 and 18 and 3 which are between 10 and 12. Hopefully they will continue to grow!! Egg collection is looking like it will be this Friday but I will find out on Wednesday. Can anyone tell me please on good tips for egg collection as I will be sedated and I'm slightly scared!! I'm proud of how much iv achieved so far with my fear but iv never been sedated before. Thank you xx

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  • I've literally just had my EC under GA and It was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I'm so proud of myself as I'm such a wuss about everything just hope the embryos last xx

  • Thank you for your reply! I wish it was under general anesthetic as I have had this done twice! Never been sedated. I guess I will just have to bear with it! X that's great about your egg collection, wishing you lots of luck xxx

  • This is my concern! Mine is under sedation too and I'm terrified :( x

  • I shall let you know how it goes! X

  • Hi NDE1987. Well done with the follicle count - all looking good! Try not to be scared about egg collection, just tell them that, and I'm sure you will be looked after well. Make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards and have a good rest. Fingers crossed for Friday. Diane

  • Thank you for the advise Diane :) I will let them know that I am feel a bit anxious and I don't know what to expect! Xx

  • Hi NDE1987. Please do - never try and be a hero - not worth it. I'm sure you will be looked after, and hope all goes well for you. Diane

  • Good luck dear...

  • Thank you xxxx

  • Hi NDE1987, I think everyone has different experiences, but I had egg collection under sedation with a similar number of follicles to you this summer, and it was no problem at all. The sedation made me feel a bit half-soaked (which wasn't unpleasant!), and the pain relief meant I didn't feel much at all. They sent me home with various painkillers, but I think I just took a paracetamol a couple of times that evening.

    Good luck :-)

  • Thank you so much for getting back to me, how many eggs did you end up getting? I know I Wont get loads but I just want a good amount of useable eggs! Xx

  • We got 4 eggs from 7 follicles, and they all fertilised - which the embryologist was very impressed by. Unfortunately two didn't develop normally, and although the other two were transferred, neither of them implanted. But we're trying again in another month or two...

  • I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work. I wish you all the best for your next go xxxx

  • I had mine under sedation. It's not nice but it's totally doable and trust me I'm a wimp and I was terrified! Your GP or clinic can even prescribe a relaxant for you to take the night before and morning of EC. I had a meltdown when I was told I had to insert a rectal suppository on the morning before we left home but I managed that too! Proud moment lol. I had an IV drip in my arm with Pethadine which was topped up when it got uncomfortable. It took about 15/20 minutes all together. Afterwards I was wheeled out and given time to rest. My bp was monitored for about 20 minutes and then they gave me a shot in my belly and I was good to go! You can do this! πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ€

  • Thank you for your reply tugsgirl! I am a wimp to lol but I am proud that I have overcome my fear of needs and scanss. Although I haven't given myself an injection I can take that pain lol. I guess il just keep my eyes closed and let them do what them do what they want lol x

  • I am scared of egg collection too, if everything goes well it is going to be in two and a half weeks, which is quite a while but time flies..

    i have never experienced such a thing before and I have heard that it is considered as a surgery that you will be properly sedated and after it you will have a day to rest. plus I don’t know how about airplanes.. I don’t know when it is okay to fly back home.. and if it is even okay.. I just don't want to stay in a foreign country for more time than I should

    I really hope that your ec goes well!!

  • Hello, hun! Shared this story on another thread, will also do it here. I passed egg collection procedure more than a year ago (before we moved to donor egg in Ukrainian clinic). I remember it this way so far. So can share what to expect.

    I had a heart monitor, pulse monitor and oxygen on me. The anesthesiologist started with a small amount of the medicine which made me feel comfortable and a little bit tired. He said that when the doctor was coming he would give me more. I was laying there with a nurse next to me. She asked me how I was feeling. I told her I had bad pain in both of my ovaries. I was feeling nauseous as well so she gave me an injection to make me less nauseous.

    We slowly walked back better to the recovery room and my husband was there he had pain medicine for me which was a hydrocodone 5 milligrams. Once I was feeling confident that I could walk, my husband helped me to the car.

    The ride home was hard because all the bumps really bothered me. The worst though was when I became nauseous and I threw up on the way home. This probably wouldn't have happened if I took the anti nausea medicine like was prescribed but I didn't have it on me so I took it afterwards.

    Not that throwing up or pain are horrible in of themselves, but together it made me want my bed badly. I was very sore. The pain meds didn't sink in, however I was able to fall asleep. When I woke up I was able to eat part of a protein shake and take my pain medicine I was getting better. Right after the procedure the doctors let my husband know that we had 14 eggs.

    Be strong, brave lady! :) Wish you good luck for Friday! X

  • Thank you so much for your reply :) I pray I will be brave on Friday!went in for mother scan today aandi have 5 good size ones and three little ones. I can't believe how quickly this stahe has come. Been experience strong ovary pain today. And my back hurts!! It should all hopefully be worth it :)

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