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Egg collection was ok!

Just thought i'd share my egg collection story as i went in terrified after reading lots of negative posts about pain during and after.

I was sedated and didn't feel any pain during collection. I have been a little uncomfortable afterwards and walking to the local shop and back was as much as i could manage the day after but it's not as bad as a period for me (I have endometriosis and i'm used to a very painful couple of days).

So if you're about to go for ec don't panic! I know everyones experience is different but it's not that bad for everyone.

Good luck to all ladies on the infertility journey xx

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Hi Vickal. Well that’s good news and also good to share you experience with others. Make sure you drink plenty and rest when you can. Keeping everything crossed for fertilisation and eventual transfer. Diane


Thanks for sharing... this is the part I'm most nervous about! I'm all for people being realistic but sometimes it's nice to have some reassurance that it's not always as horrific as we might imagine!

Good luck with your cycle :) x o x o


Glad it went well. Like you I was terrified of feeling the procedure or feeling awful after I came round. Happily I was out for the count and remember nothing until waking up in the recovery room and actually feeling quite happy and relaxed, the sedation makes you feel good.

So honestly wouldn't worry about the collection at all.



Thanks for sharing Vickal. I have my red collection on Friday and this has given me some reassurance 😊. Good luck with your cycle. X


Glad that it went well for you! Hope you get good news in the next stages! I had my ec yesterday and I'm feeling a bit tender, but like you I've got endo so it's nothing compared to that! Good luck xx


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