Egg collection nerves big time!!

Hi all. I'm only on my 2nd day of injections and already worried about the egg collection day. Knowing now that my left ovary is high up and they couldn't find it on my baseline scan yesterday is making me worry even more that it's gonna be more painful for me. I know you get sedated etc but has anyone been totally knocked out for it? All info is greatly appreciated πŸ‘πŸ»

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  • I have a similar problem with my left ovary, I had sedation for my EC and used gas and air when they were taking from my left ovary as it was a little uncomfortable. Looking back now though I don't remember much about the procedure or being in pain during it. Wishing you lots of luck, I know it's hard but try not to worry they won't let you be in pain xx

  • Thank you for the reply. I'm glad to know you don't really remember what goes on. Hope it all goes well with your treatment also. All the best x

  • I also had a similar issue with my left ovary. I didn't feel a thing with the conscious sedation. I was in some discomfort the next day, nothing a hot water bottle and paracetamol didn't sort out. I did find it painful going to the loo for a couple of days after though. Try not to stress about it. xx

  • I was knocked out completely x

  • I had a general anaesthetic for mine speak to your clinic as they may be able to offer this for you. I have my transfer on Monday and they are doing it under a general anaesthetic as I struggle with internals. Be open with your clinic they'll want you to be as comfortable as possible x

  • I had EC collection 3 times and each time was sedated and can't remember a thing apart from waking up in recovery when it was all done xx

  • I've had 3 cycles now, they were struggling to see one of my ovaries too but they seem to move around judging by the various scans I've had!! Sometimes they couldn't see one, sometimes they could see both clearly!!

    I had gas & air the first time - I do not recommend this! The second time I had sedation & this was fine bt I only have a vague memory of it, mostly remember talking nonsense to my hubby at the start! The third time I was completely knocked out which was perfect but I was in more pain the day after that. I don't think they are so gentle when you are unconscious!! I didn't have any pain after the first 2 but the pain from the 3rd only lasted for about 36 hours & was like period pain.

    Hoping the stimming is going well for you! Xxx

  • Thank you for the reply. I'm only on day 3 and it's a short protocol. The headaches I'm getting aren't great though and paracetamol is doing sod all. I do get prescribed meds for migraines but I'm not sure if I can take them with these injections. I'm going to ring and find out tomorrow. I'm hoping they'll sedate me a bit more than usual but they did say with the weight of the eggs I'll hopefully produce, the ovary may come down a bit more. I have my next scan Wednesday so I'll ask then. Thank you again x

  • I don't suffer from migraines normally but the headaches during stimming were hell to start with. Drink an obscene amount of water, it really does help, mine stopped when I upped my water intake. Really hope it helps you a bit! My clinic advised 3 litres a day.

    Also, I used a hot water bottle after my stimming injections, that's supposed to help the follicles grow. Not sure if it made any difference but was nice & snuggly!

    Good luck xxxxx

  • I've just thought this morning I'm not drinking enough really so I'm gonna do that. I have my onesie on now which keeps me warm lol. I have to do my injection between 6-8pm, I'm happy that's it's a little needle and can't really feel it, maybe that's the fat on my belly mind! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I then start the other one Friday 😬 thank you again x

  • I couldn't really feel mine either... good old belly fat! πŸ˜‰ Xxx

  • Try acupuncture for the headaches if it's really bad xx

  • I was under heavy sedation, propanol (the thing Michael Jackson used to sleep -my anaesthetist joked about it after) I don't remember anything, I woke up feeling rested! A little uncomfortable after but nothing major, you'll be fine don't worry

  • I was just sedated but felt knocked out - I was asleep for it and didn't feel a thing! I was terrified beforehand but it really wasn't bad at all. They gave me some heavy duty painkillers afterwards too and according to my husband I seemed to be high as a kite and very happy! X

  • Hahahaha I love your response to this. I hope that's what happens for me. Thank you x

  • Sedation did completely knock me out I think! I felt like I had a lovely sleep during egg collection x

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