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Egg collection tomorrow


Hello all 👋😊

Hope you’re all having good weekends.

It’s my egg collection tomorrow! Nervous, excited and terrified all at the same time! This is our first experience of IVF so not sure what to expect but keeping everything crossed! I’m being sedated for the procedure. How has everyone found EC?


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Hi Kat,

I had egg collection on Friday. It is all very straight forward and I didn’t feel a thing. Best of luck Xx

Kat_15 in reply to jengi

Thank you for your kind message Jengi. Lovely news about your precious embryo too! Keeping everything crossed for you and sending baby dust. Xx


I can’t advise ( never had IVF) but wanted to wish you the best with it ❤️ xoxo

Kat_15 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Jess for your thoughtful message. I really appreciate it. Xx

Its nothing to worry about at all. You get a cracking sleep and then some lovely tea and toast. X good luck x

Kat_15 in reply to Blueberry16

Thank you, your message made me ☺️ Sounds fab! Had a nice big roast this evening to get ready for fasting in the morning! Xx

I’m sure you’ll have a lovely sleep and won’t feel a thing.

Wishing you lots of luck for lots of lovely eggs 💕 xx

Kat_15 in reply to Lou7744

Thank you Lou, I really appreciate your kind message. Xx

Good luck!! The sedation actually made me fall sound asleep so I don’t remember a thing. I must say I was pretty uncomfortable for days after with lots of bloating but everyone is different. Take time after to rest. Your so close now ! 🤞 x

Kat_15 in reply to kirstyblue

Thank you Kirsty for your message, I really appreciate it. I’m hoping I will fall asleep too. 🤞😴Been feeling so shattered anyway so fingers crossed I will! Thank you for letting me know about how you felt afterwards too. I’m planning to get take it nice and easy for a couple of days as I have got some time off work this week. xx

Just wanted to wish you luck, try and relax tonight, easy to say I know!! Let us know how it goes, this will be me very soon!! Xxx

Thanks Sweets for your kind message. I really appreciate it. I will definitely keep you all posted. Xx

Good luck for tomorrow. I had my EC under local and it was ok. I’m sure you will be fine. Fingers crossed 🤞 you get many good quality eggs. Xx

Kat_15 in reply to Green_

Thank you, I really appreciate your message. 🤞🤞 Sorry to read you have had shingles. Hope you’re feeling much better now? Xx

Green_ in reply to Kat_15

Thank you. I’m not sure my diagnosis was correct tbh as I also had dermatitis short time after and it was exactly the same. I never had a skin condition before so I’m sure it’s all to do with stress. I also started my second cycle of ICSI 5 days ago. Going for a scan tomorrow. Fingers crossed all goes well for both of us. Xx

I haven’t found it the nicest thing but it’s totally doable. You’ll probably be one of the lucky ones that drift away and don’t remember a thing! Good luck for lots of eggs xx

Kat_15 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you, fingers crossed. 🤞😊Will let you know how I get on. xx

I just wanted to wish you lots of luck for tomorrow! I'm sure everything will go by smoothly x

Kat_15 in reply to runsoncuddles

Thank you for your kind message, fingers crossed. 🤞xx


I had conscious sedation but as far as I was aware I was completely unconscious, I didn’t want to wake up afterwards. Very little discomfort afterwards, was advised to take regular paracetamol but I didn’t need to. Good luck! Xx

Kat_15 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your message, I really appreciate it. That’s good to hear. Fingers crossed I will be the same. 🤞Xx

good luck! look forward to your update xo

Kat_15 in reply to aamiller405

Thank you, I appreciate your kind message. 😊 xx

I have egg collection today too! (28th). It’s my second cycle. It went well last time so am hoping it’ll be the same this time!! I’ll be sedated too - only about 30mins under GA. Just wanted to wish you good luck - hope to hear how you get on when you get the chance xxx

Snap! How exciting. 😊 Wishing you all the best and lots of luck for your collection too. I look forward to hearing how you get on too. xxx

Best of luck for your egg collection. If you’re sedated you’ll not feel a thing. Rest up and take it easy afterwards xx

Kat_15 in reply to Dunla

Thanks you for your message Dunla, I appreciate it. xx

Hi all. Thanks again for all your supportive messages.

I’m back home now after my egg collection. The procedure went well and I don’t remember a thing. The sedation completely knocked me out!

The good news is they collected four eggs and they will be in touch tomorrow to let us know how they are doing.

The not so good news is that they wanted to collect a minimum of six eggs (due to my AMH levels being on the low side) so they said I will have to go through another stimulation cycle.

Just hoping the call from the clinic brings good news. 🤞👏🏼Mixed emotions at the moment.

Thank you for all your advice and thoughtful messages. It makes such a difference to know we are not the only people going through this journey. xxx

Sweets1 in reply to Kat_15

Glad this morning was ok! Try and relax now and stay positive xx

Kat_15 in reply to Sweets1

Thank you, one more step on our journey. xx

I am glad that the retrieval experience wasn't unpleasant for you. It was pretty much the same for during the first visit. I hope the eggs that they collected are of good quality. Just stay positive! Going for another stimulation cycle I believe is a good idea. This will increase the chances of more good quality eggs. Good luck to you. Hoping for the best.

Kat_15 in reply to hannahding

Thank you for your thoughtful message. Fingers crossed. 🤞🤞 😊

Hi all ☺️ Thanks for all your supportive messages.

We got a call from the clinic yesterday morning with an update and we were so relieved to hear that two of our eggs have fertilised.

Nervous about receiving further updates but we celebrated the good news yesterday as even though it is only one more small step, it’s another step on our journey.

Not sure what is going to happen with my next stimulation cycle yet. Has anyone had experience of this? Do they usually run stimulation cycles back to back or give you a month break first?

Woke up feeling so bloated today but drinking lots seems to be helping thank goodness.


Hello ladies 👋☺️

Thanks again for all your supportive messages. It has made such a huge difference to me during our first IVF experience.

We had our day three update call this morning and were so relieved to hear that our two precious embies are doing well and will be frozen today. The embryologist said they were high quality so fingers crossed that bodes well for the future. 🤞🤞

Our next appointment with our consultant is in mid Feb so hopefully we can start our second stimulation cycle after that.

Looking forward to continuing our journey soon. Wishing you all lots of baby dust and good luck. xxx

I am so happy for you. The number of eggs is average, just make sure the quality is good. The quality of eggs is the main thing that matters. Good luck! Stay positive and strong. Everything will be fine. Keep us updated.

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