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IVF 2ww severe period pain

Hi, this is my first time posting...I don't know why I haven't before, I guess I thought I could go it alone, but I'm feeling really down, and wondered if anyone out there is going through the same.

I had my first IVF cycle ET on 12/8, but they found I had mild-moderate OHSS, for which I needed Cabergoline. Between that, and the progesterone pessaries I became really (VERY) bloated, and constipated. Just when I thought it was easing off, and actually managed to go back to work (Thursday) I started with a wave of really bad AF type pains, and backache - so much so that it wakes me up in the night. Constipation and ovary pain still there too - no let up!

Since AF still hasn't actually arrived, and no spotting, I'm trying to convince myself I'm still in the running, but I think I know in my heart of hearts it's not worked. I know it sounds crazy, but in some ways I just want it to be over so I can get back to normal, and focus on the next attempt.

Has anyone out there experienced this, at this stage and had a positive outcome???

I'm thinking of testing tomorrow morning, although still probably too early...

Clutching at straws!

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Ah you poor thing! When is your test day? The 2ww is just awful and I got myself in an emotional mess during mine, I had awful back pain than left me unable to move easily and a low ache in my tummy just like my period was coming. I was also constipated. I was convinced it was all over, but got a BFP.

It's so hard as everyone is so very different and OHSS I imagine you will have all sorts of symptoms. Try to avoid testing if you possibly can and just keep the time passing. Drink lots of water too and remember despite your upset you don't 'know' anything yet.

I've never been much of a forum type person, but this group is invaluable as you'll find lots of genuine empathy.

Good luck xxx


Thanks Daisy14, it's oddly reassuring that there are others out there that can sympathise. Although DH is being really understanding, I don't feel like I can really talk with anyone openly about it (he's v.private, and doesn't want anyone knowing we're actually going through treatment).

I'm supposed to test on Friday (26th). If the pains would just GO AWAY then I'd probably be able to distract myself (I actually have an end of module assignment due - bad timing!) all I can do is watch Netflix and obsess about how crappy I feel lol.

Its encouraging to think that you felt similar, but got your BFP. I just wish these days would hurry up and get a move on.



I would say it's definitely too early to test then, but you are over half way there!

I can remember so well that second week lying on my bed in agony watching mindless tv and sometimes sobbing with frustration. I'd scour this forum looking for similar symptoms and positive stories. Time does pass plus remember you can take paracetamol if you need it. I took it a couple of desperate times.

Fingers crossed xx


Yes! that's exactly what I've been doing, Googling over and over. I guess what will be and all that.

I'm afraid I have needed to resort to Paracetamol just to get some rest. Hopefully when I'm back in work the days will fly.

It's definitely not been what I anticipated, that's for sure.

When are you due? I hope everything is going well for you



It is incredibly difficult, definitely the worst bit. I told my husband that regardless I couldn't put myself through it again.

I'm only just coming up to ten weeks so not even seen a midwife yet. Even more waiting and symptoms but fingers crossed!



I really hope it's a straight forward pregnancy for you. Good luck with the scan!

We are lucky that we get another cycle, and I had 8 embies of good enough quality for FET too. Although....I'm really not sure after all the stress of trying naturally, and emotional and physical upheaval of IVF, how much more we can go through. Also, we're both 38, and I'm starting to feel like maybe I'm too old :-(

Fingers crossed x


I'm also 38. Told the husband, despite 3 in the freezer I wasn't prepared to do it all again if it doesn't work, period. He then reminded me that apparently I said that last time, although can't remember!

Fingers crossed for us both xx

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It's really difficult isn't it, I don't know how women can go through this for over 10 years. We've had 3 years ttc and 1 failed nhs cycle now planning to do egg donor cycle. If it fails I will probably move to adoption. Xx


Can you take it? I didn't think you were allowed to. I was too scared to even though I was in body doubling agony !x


Both Diane the nurse here (I asked in a post) plus I rang the nurses at my clinic who said it would be fine. But definitely not Ibuprofen.

I desperately didn't want to, but when my back pain was bad a took a single tablet to take the edge off.




People can get those symptoms and still get a BFP X try to relax (is hard to) and hopefully this is your time for your miracle.

Wishing lots of luck.

Kelly xx


Hi Rainbowbright,

I haven't been in the 2WW through ivf yet so don't yet know how difficult it is.

When I fell pregnant naturally last year (although didn't think I was pregnant as was awaiting ivf) I remember having really bad back ache and stomach pain as if AF was about to show. The back ache was something I don't usually get and that was the one thing that made me think hmm this is different. My back ache was so painful that I had to take paracetamol also.

So don't worry, I would say the symptoms you are experiencing could definitely lead to your BFP 😊 xx


Hey rainbowbright all what ur describing i had and got BFP so good luck babez..i also OHSS, its so hard ur mind races at everthin but wht ur going through will be worth it when u see them 2 lines xxx


Hi Rainbow - the 2ww is awful, your body and your brain play tricks on you don't they?! I know it's really hard and you won't be able to fully but try as much as you can to relax. The worst part is that we have no control over any of this. The symptoms you've described as exactly what I felt. My stomach was HUGE. I looked like I was 4 months pregnant! We got our BFP on OTD. Sadly I miscarried later in the pregnancy but that has nothing to do with the IVF process, we were just unlucky. I would have days in the 2ww where I would cry, convinced that it hadn't worked. All the while our little embies were snuggling in. Please try to stay positive. The wait is torturous but the seconds aren't going slower I promise, the days will pass and you'll soon have your answer. Take care of yourself x x x


Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for your encouraging words...really needed that right now. I was up with D&V in the night, struggled in to work early...and ended up being sent home since I could barely walk upright and probably drank too little as my BP was all over the place. I just feel so guilty for taking time off and putting pressure on everyone else.

I've been asked to go into my fertility unit tomorrow for an assessment, and warned to take an overnighter :-( Honestly, I never imagined it would be this difficult....I really hope it's been worth it as I'm not sure I could go through this again.

Sorry to hear about your MC Mommabear, are you going through treatment again?

Not long to wait, and who knows, if they do a blood test tomorrow perhaps they'll be able to tell from that?? I've heard women in the US/other facilities have 'BETA' blood tests at earlier intervals...

Take care all x


Glad they are going to keep a careful eye on you, fingers crossed all is well X


During my first round I was getting quite bad aches/pain in the 2ww and I ended up testing early as I needed to know if the meds were sending my endo crazy or if there was a glimmer of hope that the pain was worthwhile.

Definitely keep drinking your 2 litres of water a day and I'm glad you are being seen sooner rather than later. You've done well not to test already!!

I really hope they patch you up or give you news soon....

We got a BFP, but miscarried at gone 9 weeks.

Good luck X


Ive just been reading your post, and replies. I wondered how you have gotten on? Have you tested yet? I had mild ohss last time we did IVF and it was awful.... Pain was rotten and I was also so bloated it was ridiculous.

I know symptoms can get worse if you do get pregnant...... So maybe, whilst unwelcome, it's a good sign?

I also wanted to say, Frozen transfers are nothing like fresh IVF and so much easier to do. I even did a natural FET and only had progesterone pessaries, which was very easy on the body.

I hope things have gone ok and you are feeling somewhat better now x


Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in my update. After visiting the specialist last Tuesday I was admitted to hospital due to my bloods being all over the place...mild/mod OHSS progressed to borderline severe :-(

BUT I did a test on Friday and got BFP!! which has since been confirmed with blood tests, and levels seem to be quite good from what the consultant has said. Still, I realise it is very early days so we're trying to stay cautious about it all.

I can honestly say that the experience has seriously made me think twice about having another fresh cycle... I didn't think things could get worse. I hope that none of you ever have to go through it.



That's great news, congratulations. Take it super easy! X


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