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2ww symptoms

Hi, I'm 5 days into my FET 2ww. I had both remaining embryos put back and because I had a bit of spotting a few days before the transfer they gave me lubion to take (progesterone injection) in addition to the cyclogest pessaries and the oestrogen tablets. (I'm also on thyroxine).

Today I had light spotting again which I'm trying to tell myself may be implantation so as not to worry. But the strangest symptom is that all night my muscles feel really strange and I just have a constant urge to stretch my whole body. If I do stretch I feel like contractions across my abdomen which surely can't be good so I've been trying not to, but it's been impossible to sleep. It's a bit like restless leg syndrome, but all over. One of the side effects for lubion is 'uterine contractions' so it's probably this but would love to hear if anyone else experienced this? I'm scared it will be yet another thing getting in the way of implantation. I had this feeling a little bit last time (my fresh cycle, when I was just on cyclogest) but it's much more this time, again making me think it's the progesterone. I don't want to call the clinic as I'd be equally scared to come off it- my lining seems to be so fragile 🙁

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Hi Cmat. Yes, I agree, it does seem as if you could be getting side effects of the extra load of progesterone. Hopefully all will settle down and you can continue your 2WW without any more anxieties. It's never easy as you already know, so just make sure you have a rest when you can, and try and keep busy, while you wait. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks Diane xx


I should add in case of interest to anyone on similar medication that I've also lost 5lb in the last week and I've been hungrier but eating really well and resting so it's not a diet or anxiety thing. Ive read that thyroxine needs progesterone to work so I'm thinking there is definitely some link up going on there, and maybe I've had low progesterone for a while which is why the thyroxine didn't make any difference to my weight before (I was 10 and a half stone, now just under 10). Whichever way, I don't care as long as my little embies are given the best possible chance ❤️


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